About Us

Auscore Fitness is simply Australian Core Fitness!

Auscore is the fundamental element that is needed in every athlete and active human being. It is one of the most important ingredients that makes a sportsman or sportswoman into a super human! Auscore’s team have developed these state of the art products, that are designed to promote happiness, healthiness and fun. Our products combine, body weight training, Crossfit, MMA, boxing, kickboxing  and gymnastics to bring you the most well rounded athletic training equipment available on today’s market. We pride ourselves in being an Australian owned company and we are paving the way to a healthier and brighter future. Auscore Fitness is an outdoor/indoor workout system designed to promote body weight training – the healthiest and safest form of exercise. Auscore Fitness equipment offers a safe workout for all ages, fitness groups and experience levels. Our aim is to provide Australians with facilities that promote healthy living by making workouts fun, easy, free and accessible. Children shouldn’t be the only ones that get to play in our local parks! The Auscore Fitness equipment’s revolutionary design is made entirely out of stainless steel or galvanised steel. It offers users over 50 custom exercises to work the entire body and up to 9 people can use the gym simultaneously. In addition, Auscore Fitness equipment is compatible with your own fitness accessories such as boxing bags, TRX’s and resistance bands. We also offer a variety products to suit any budget.   Download the online user manual to see how some of the Auscore products work.

Why Choose us?

Throughout history we have seen the evolution of health and fitness and today we are noticing that this topic is becoming more and more the subject of many talks. From schools to councils, our society and community are demanding more opportunities to become healthy and fit and not only from our health clubs, but we want more opportunities of exercising outside with nature in the beautiful outdoors where we can not only physically become healthy but mentally unwind from our ever growing demands from everyday life. We Understand and for the very first time in history we have made it available for everyone. Do you love Quality? Do you Love beautiful and functional designs that are safe? Do you want it to be at a fair and reasonable price? if you answered yes, than WELCOME to AUSCORE FITNESS.

We need more healthy environments!

Our team at Auscore Fitness shares the vision that our equipment creates an environment which promotes healthy lifestyles. Australia is recognised as one of the most obese nations in the developing world and alarmingly, obesity in Australia has more than doubled over the last 20 years. To help Australians win the war against obesity we aspire to change a local park into a playground for both adults and children- No more park benches for adults! Our products are:

  • Safe. No moving parts and using only body weight exercises.
  • Affordable. We can meet any Budget.
  • Australian made and owned.
  • Come with product guarantee.

Our Medium Core Unit provides: – Over 50 exercises – Training for up to 9 users simultaneously – Free online user manuals – Personal exercise equipment can be attached – Workouts for all ages and fitness levels – A healthy future for generations to come.
Download our online user manual and see how the Auscore can work for you!

What separates us from other products on the market?

Our overall package deal which includes quality, safety, design, product, price and ongoing customer/public support. Our team at Auscore Fitness will strive to provide ongoing service excellence to everyone involved with us.  Our online user manual and promotions will entice Australians to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our Optional Health and Instructions Board identifies how to use Auscore Fitness equipment and educates users about the importance of warm up, stretching, cool down and general health and fitness. We designed our product’s structure to be as safe as possible by eliminating movable elements.  Our focus is core body weight training which is the safest and most effective way to train and build strength. Auscore Fitness equipment is designed and engineered in Australia and made from the highest quality stainless steel to withstand Australian weather conditions. It is also suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness and allows for over 50 custom exercises. In addition, up to 9 people can use the gym simultaneously. Our design is unique, ergonomical and complies with Australian standards. Auscore Fitness equipment is the best value for money!

Our product guarantee

We are all about quality

Auscore Fitness Guarantee: We are an Australian Company We comply with Australian Standards We use stainless steel or hot dipped galvanised steel We offer 20 year standard purchase warranty for Australian Made stainless steel Products Optional lifetime warranty (conditions apply) Ongoing customer/public support

How do we feel about safety?

Safety is our No. 1 priority and we design our products around it! Auscore Fitness equipment complies with Australian standards. In addition, we offer soft fall flooring packages and ensure there are no moveable parts on our equipment to minimise the risk of injury.

Where can I put Auscore® Fitness Equipment?

We have a range of quality products with varied sizes to cater to all different environments. As our products are engineered out of quality materials to suit Australia’s changing climate, you can just about place Auscore Fitness equipment anywhere… Inside and out!

Who can use Auscore® Fitness Equipment?

Everyone! Core body strength is the safest way to train for all ages and experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete everyone has the ability to improve their fitness and strength.