I once heard Him saying to the Pharisees: Whited sepulchres, breed of vipers, you impose heavy burdens upon your brethren, but you do not lift a. nger for them. In the Creed, the central role of Pontius Pilate in the suffering and death of Jesus Christ is etched forever in the Churchs profession of faith. And to head there shall be fixed a table on which his to be written in three languages: IESOUS O NAZARENOS BASILEUS IOUDAION in Greek. I shall not describe the rst days of my life, which so quickly passed by in the stillness of Nabron under the roof of my parents and under their protection. After these words He disappeared like a mere shadow from the world of light. Bookmark the permalink. The nger of death had left its traces round her eyes and her concealed lips. Because He shows up their morals and hypocrisy. But in this time he was overwhelmed, wearied by witnessing sufferings, and repentant. How could Christ be accused of a crime which He never committed? Many a husband and wife today live in this situation. Each of these words pierced my heart like a knife. And as to His teachings, they have in no case been dangerous, and represent no heresy whatsoever; so Rome was inclined to concede Him every freedom and, by His deeds. The Jewish people, nowadays, re-examine Jesus trial and nd him guiltless, and their ancestors guilty of the crime of the murder of the of God. My only consolation consists in reading them again and again. down to Jeremiah, who predicted Zions fall, arose from the graves. I found great pleasure in visiting his wife, Salome, who proved to be a model of kindness, and she also showed it in relation to her daughter, Semida, of 12 years of age. The Gospel according to St. Matthew contains a small detail not in the other Passion accounts. All these people burned from anger and envy, and it appeared to me that in their faces an infernal. Take care and do not raise your profane hand against Him. rst years of my family life went by calmly and peacefully, Heaven blessed me with a son, and he was dearer to me than the light of day. She wants Lias to learn everything she can about Jesus, which is not only the nature of his message but also the motives that eventually lead to the mystery of his death and the disappearance of his body. The Gospel is silent, however, on the content of the dream, Matthew records only that Pilates wife suffered greatly because of it. I felt that on this unhappy day a supernatural event would occur. They could not forget my entering the holy city with flags bearing the portrait of the Roman Emperor, although, in this case, I made a great mistake unknowingly, which, however, in their eyes, did not diminish this profanation. Perhaps this is why the Gospel describes the dream of Pilates wife as being so troubling, for in it she witnesses in a dramatic way the full effect of Pilates role in the trial of Jesus of Nazareth. 2 Comments. 27:65-66). At the beginning, I feared that He might be an unlawful agitator who would rouse the people against the Romans, but soon my apprehensions were dispersed. By other accounts, Pontius Pilate was sent into re of hell I noticed the faces of these who exacted His death. How cruel and despotic appears the prejudice against the Son of God I Christ was ready to suffer death for the redemption of mankind, but the fact that the religious leaders of His own nation thirsted to spill His blood filled to overowing the cup of his suffering. His glance is majestic and inspires a feeling of reverence, love, and fear in all those who look upon Him. Some people believe that perhaps Claudia was the person responsible for relaying the details of Jesuss trial to the disciples for documentation. He proved that Jesus could not have been sentenced to death, because He had never committed a single crime. The danger grew every hour. Have you ever wished to take part in Christs salvation and redemption? Her eyes opened, a tender expression of life returned again to her lips and, stretching out her hands, she called, ,, Mother! From this day on, all went ill for my husband. Crucify Him! Pontius Pilate refers to Christ in official records, Pontius Pilate - refers to Christ in official records. He drew their attention to the fact that the sentenced one was now in heaven and ready to forgive the injustice in. And I saw through him the image and the cross, stained with the blood of Him whom he, as an unhappy and lawless judge, had sentenced to death. He said his religion forbade him and his subordinate to sit at ones and the same table with Roman and to feast with them (to participate in drinking orgies). or school. The dwelling of the Righteous is to be found there, He said, and pointed with the finger to the heaven. It appeared that He was ready to judge the people assembled before Him. For decades, the daughter of the last Oracle at Delphi has suppressed the secrets of her birth, extensive 3. We may, therefore, certainty, infer that the twenty-four old men seen by St, John in his visions described in Revelation 4, 4-5, 8-9, are some of those who came to life when our Lord Jesus Christ arose. in Theology from the Augustine Institute and a B.A. The apocryphal but influential Gospel of Nicodemus mentions her dream and Pilates reaction to it: he is more concerned in that account than St. Matthews Gospel indicates. I was born on the self-same day that the Emperor gave peace to the Roman world. When therefore they were gathered together, Pilate said to them, Whom do you want me to release for you? Persecution does not come from me; I expect it from others. Therefore, Pilate tried to save Tiberius to understand that he did nothing further than confirm the sentence pronounce don Jesus by the Sanhedrin. St. Joseph led the Holy Family in their mission to restore creation to the Creators original intent. [a] Roland Kany argues that the earliest extant reference to her as Claudia Procula is the Pseudo-Dexter Chronicle, a forgery first published in 1619. However, Tibor Grll and Jill Carington Smith both assert that the name first appears in the works of Saint Jerome (347 to 430). The Roman Senate is cursed. Sign up if you would like to receive occasional treats from us. Once I ordered a large dinner- party to be prepared, to which I invited the Tetrarch of Galilee, together with the High Priest and his subordinate officials. He was in a dark mood and grieved, for he wanted to rule with a strong hand, although in his task of keeping these people in submission, he was weak. replied Pontius, with a mournful expression in his face. WebJosephus; ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS, Book XVIII (4:1) BUT the nation of the Samaritans did not escape without tumults. After these words he went out and left me alone, and I shed bitter tears in my hopelessness and pity. One tradition says that he was a member of the Pontii tribe and of Samnite nobility. His peacefulness struck me with terror, for in my ears still sounded the words I had heard in my dream: Give me back My blood which I have spilt for you. There they have crowned him with a wreath of thorns. He who will be crucified and brought to death, shall remain on the cross as a warning and example for the people and all criminals and robbers. For some time I remained rooted to the spot, and with veneration and fear I glanced at the figure of this supernatural man, whose form was unknown to the majority of our artists who have worked out the form and figure of so many gods. As far His physical condition was concerned, His nature was perfect, but in appearance He was like us and He had no worldly glamour bestowed on Him at once by His face, which was inspired by the Holy Ghost and which showed no trace of sin. There are other accounts, however, which say that she was a martyr. His face shone in majesty like the sun. Lonely, I remained behind, thinking that that which had happened was controlled more by divine than human forces. Lets discover what happened to Pontius Pilate after the death of Christ? They perished. 1887, p. 201. She says that Jesus is innocent (Matthew 27:19). He tried to reconcile lawlessness with righteousness, and evil with truth. Dark clouds descended and covered the wing of the Temple and, stretching over the town, covered it like a shroud. He suffered under Pontius Pilate. Then Claudia heard a chorus of voices repeating the words of the Apostles Creed: He suffered under Pontius Pilate and crucified, dead, and buried with her husbands name repeated in different languages. When I came back to the law court I found Manius there, and he reported to me the speech he had heard Jesus deliver at Siloah. 1887, p. 202. A deeper understanding of people in the Bible. The Hebrews, for instance, maintained that they had every right of religious liberty. Nowhere was a single trace of calmness to be seen save in the face of one man onlythat of the victim. I have never heard such a noise in the Circus, nor have the rows in the Forum ever given me such an impression. This spiritual blindness led them to their terrible crime, exacting the sentence and murder of Christ, who was the incarnation of right and truth. Falvius Josephus. Should Your Majesty desire to talk with Him, as you recently wrote to me, than inform me to talk with Him, as you recently wrote me, then inform me of this and I shell send Him to you immediately, as I am ready to execute obediently and obsequiously whatever order Your Majesty will give me. Upon my knees I called Him many times; against my will I pleaded with this God in the humility and tranquillity of my soul and heart, and Him to Whom I committed my destiny and my welfare as a slave submits to his master, and oh, wonder! Around Him stood the enraged and excited crowd which had brought Him before the tribunal. SOME DOCUMENTS REGARDING THE LAST EVENTS IN CHRIST LIFE, EXTRACTED FROM HISTORICAL CHRONICLES. But we see from the existing document that this justice did not decide the case on its merits. She appears to have one small walk onto the worlds stage and that is to announce Jesus is innocent, which she fulfilled against all odds. ghts with German and other peoples. My son was. I saw Jesus, appearing as she (Salome) had described their God. Thus, my requestI do not say my willaims at the following; in the future you should deliberately avoid offending your proud adversaries, so that they may arouse the rabble against you, nor force me to apply the power of the law.. The leader of the Samaritan group had promised that He would show them those sacred vessels which were laid under that place, because Moses put them there.[9] But Pilate sent his troops and defeated them before they arrived at Mt. The punishment of the Almighty came down like a, ame. If these accounts are true, God used these events to bring her to Jesus and have eternal life. Now, He breathes His last, remarked the third servant. For starters, a woman in that time giving counsel to a man, albeit her own husband, was unheard of. When this heavenly judgment took place and attracted the attention of the people, He showed them His wounds with which His body was covered, and said with a terrible voice: Give me back my blood which I spilt for you! that He would have no beautiful traits or splendour about Him. Fear the Forces of heaven.. At that moment I saw the crowd break, offering passage to a group of men who came nearer to the house, and at whom the people looked, with great interest and reverence. The first. How could Christ be accused of a crime which He never committed? With tears in her eyes she fell at my feet and said: Take care and do not touch that man! This Gospel spread over the whole empire. These eyes, which gave Jairuss daughter life again, looked at His tormentors with an indescribable expression of peace and love. The Telegraph newspaper commented upon it as follows: Jerusalem, 25th July. I say, should it ever happen that the religion of our ancestors were substituted by the religion of Jesus, such a change night come into force by the noble tolerance shown on the part of Rome. How great is His patience with you, O beloved readers who pay so little attention to His call for repentance! When I heard these words I seemed to lose my reason. He referred to Pilate, who had said, I. nd no fault in this just man, and as a sign of his belief in Jesus innocence had washed his hands in the face of His accusers. 5. Facebook | What a contrast between him and His audience, with their black beards and obdurate faces! As you know, in my views there flows a mixture of Spanish and Roman blood which does not know fear nor is wont to be spiritually disconcerted. Pilate owed his appointment to the influence of Sejanus. He shall be crucied, cried the angry crowd. This hatred is increasing every day, and their only thought is how to bring Him to death. They are not aware that the wolves in them. He was [the] Christ; and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct to this day.[6]. He had participated in seven wars, was brave and hardened by many. I saw Jesus, appearing as she (Salome) had described their God. Suddenly, a loud, heart-breaking outcry was to be heard coming from Golgotha, revealing such an agony as no human ear had ever heard. One thing she did do that many of Christs apostles and closest disciples did not do, is stand up for His goodness. Immediately after our departure from the temple I had to go with Pontius to the province to which he had been appointed. You, my faithful friend, are asking and begging me to describe the events which have happened since the day of our separation. It also declares she was a proselyte to Judaism, and a Roman citizen. Her vision is of the Church through the ages proclaiming the Nicene Creed at Mass. I cannot hide from you that your preaching has provoked great and mighty enemies as far as you are concerned. Then Pilate turned to Jesus and with altered voice asked Him, Are you King of the Jews? Verily, I say to you, He continued with emotion, as soon as the roses of Sharon come into flower, the blood of the Righteous will be shed. . No signs oi bitterness or fear were noticeable on His face. He spoke to the storm and to the fish in the sea; and all listened to Him. Written in the Jerusalem District, the 9th day of the 10th month. [8], Pontius Pilate should have listened to his wife. A feeling of pity and profound sadness grieved my heart. The rst years of my family life went by calmly and peacefully, Heaven blessed me with a son, and he was dearer to me than the light of day. The Gospel of Nicodemus. I saw a column of troops approaching, and heard the sound of trumpets playing the march of the Emperor.. All that is happening now frightens me also, answered Pontius, but what can I do ? My eyes followed the victim, who was led to be slaughtered. One died in the war, the other of disease, not yet 20 years old. The President of this court was Dr. Weldeisel, one of the most important legislators among the Jewish people. I have a secretary named Manlius. Antiquities of the Jews 18.4.2. In fact, Barabbas was a robber and murderer, notorious in all the surrounding districts for the crimes he had committed. O prince of the world, but to bring peace, and love and goodwill to all people. When we reached the inner door leading to the court hall, I heard a noise of louder voices; I had no courage to step in, but peeped through the purple curtains. Without further delay he was to be sentenced to death as many others before Him. nd it impossible to explain to you how I felt when I viewed Him. I won't spoil the end, but it is wondrous, as those words continue to echo: "Crucifixus etiam pro nobis sub Pontio Pilato, passus et supultus es . I raised my eyes to contemplate Him, but, as before the radiance of the sun, I had to turn them away immediately and to lower my eyes to the ground. He showed Himself worthy. in Creative Writing from California State University at Northridge. [1] Of course, we want to know what she dreamed to provoke her strong response. When Pilate heard of this meeting, which, in his opinion, was directed against the Roman authority, he made use of this opportunity to revenge himself on those whom he previously hated because of their lawlessness. (Contents of a letter sent by Publius Lentulus, Governor of Judea, to the Roman Emperor Tiberius); To His Majesty and to the Honoured Senate of Rome: Greetings from the Senate Lentulus, Governor of Judea! Oh, how profound are these wise words and how much peace and mercy are to be found in them! Instead she sent a message to her husband and said that she had a dream about Jesus Christ. Never has there been a heart so daring and fearless as that of this warrior. But as they had threatened to report Pilate to the Emperor, he delivered Jesus to them. I followed Him, without His knowing. In Mark, he depicts Jesus as innocent of plotting against the Roman Empire and is reluctant to execute him. Salome stood by her side, benumbed and almost without any feeling. The defence was greeted with stormy applause. The report of the Bible also tells us of the inscription, and of the inquest made by Ananias and Caiaphas at Herods place, and by Pilate in the courts. Owing to this regulation they were full of anger. That is, all that the Bible says about her. nd no words to appease him and to relieve him from the distress which would be imposed on our house for ever. The Greek church made her a saint and honors her on October 27th. ", Instead of reciting the Nicene Creed, we renew our baptismal promises at Easter and those to be baptized at the Easter Vigil make their vows. Because He shows up their morals and hypocrisy. A non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. I once heard Him saying to the Pharisees: Whited sepulchres, breed of vipers, you impose heavy burdens upon your brethren, but you do not lift a nger for them. I fell on the. I remain, Your Majestys humble and obedient Governor, Pontius Pilate. Now, of all accusations brought against Jesus, not a single one could have been proved and documented, for Pilate himself, by using the words: He is innocent, and con, rming this statement by the washing of his hands, substantiated Jesus innocence. And that it was predicted that our Christ should heal all diseases and raise the dead, hear what was said. One would have thought that the end of the world was near or that the universe returned to its original chaos. Catholic Church. McClintock and Strong. What a dream, or better, what a revelation! The emissaries who preach Jesus doctrines have inserted in the comments on their faith also the words: He was cruci. Claudia seeks out the Nazarenes, followers of the Risen Christ, in Rome, and hears them proclaim the Creed during their worship. In Jerusalem he had no defence force other than his bodyguard and in addition a small number of local troops who had taken the oath of allegiance to the Roman eagle. It appears that Pilate attempted to avoid a direct conflict with the Jewish leaders by hoping that King Herod might release Jesus (Luke 23:7-11). Herod, here referred to, appears as the son of Jerod the Great, who, after Jesus birth, had ordered the massacre of the innocents in Bethlehem. From the High Priests : Ruan, Jodus, and Bukasalis. With one gesture He separated the righteous from the wicked. In the foremost row I recognised Semidas father; but instead of the depression I expected him to wear on his face, he showed a denite expression of hope, which I could not understand. Copyright Like The Master Ministries. Tradition states that her name was Claudia Procula. Some influential Christians demurred, however. It seems, in Galilee there had appeared a young man who preaches to people if high and low standing another law in Gods name, praising Him. He fullled His prophecy and victoriously overcame death; rst He showed Himself to His disciples and friends, and then to the people. His decision may have also been made to avoid a bad report to Rome. He was lucky: he had the good luck to escape the curse with followed us everywhere, and to have the terrible burden of his parents name released from his shoulders. The latter were distinguished by parchment rolls containing various texts of the laws, which they had bound to their heads. It was the highest agitation which I have ever experienced, for every feature in His face presented an unequalled beauty, but in this moment He inspired a certain secret fear by the glance of His eyes which, it seemed, might turn us into dust. Few may be aware that the Greek Orthodox Church glorified the wife of Pontius Pilate Claudia Proscura as a saint. She is commemorated on 9 November, new style. This cunning tetrarch, with pretended submissiveness, declared that, out of respect towards me, he placed the fate of this man in my hands, and this he let me know through the Caesarian soldiers. Claudia Procula must have had a difficult time in the days, months and years that followed Jesus' death. Her letter mentioned also the resurrection of the saints on the occasion of Christs death on the cross. His blood be on us and on our children! All these people burned from anger and envy, and it appeared to me that in their faces an infernal re was shining. There was a great difference between Him and His audience. From the above quoted report of Pilate to the Emperor Tiberius, it appears that Pilate arrived in Jerusalem in his capacity of governor not long before Jesus commenced His mission of activity, and that Jesus and his prophecies exerted great influence upon him. WebClaudia Procula--wife of one of the most controversial figures in ancient history--comes alive to twenty-first-century readers in a groundbreaking new novel by the award-winning author of the Lindsey McCall medical mystery series. There are these words: At His coming the lame shall leap as an hart, and the tongue of the stammerer shall be clear speaking: the blind shall see, and the lepers shall be cleansed; and the dead shall rise, and walk about. And that He did those things, you can learn from the Acts of Pontius Pilate. Herein the judges of our days might. As far as Christs trial, his dispatch to Herod, and the latters reconciliation with Pilate are concerned, Pilates letter confirms in detail, all the statements of the Gospels. The Gospel tells us that many people were astonished by Jesus teaching and expressed their amazement by the following words: how does He know it without having learnt it?. His nose and His mouth give rise to no criticism, and His dense beard is similar to His hairlong, and parted in two in the middle. Mishap is after us; for they do not seek right, but revenge from the courts. So Pilate, when he had tarried ten years in Judea, made haste to Rome, and this in obedience to the orders of Vitellius, which he dare not contradict; but before he could get to Rome, Tiberius was dead.[10]. First Apology 35. At first he did not think it a sufficiently important document to be copied, but some years later he mentioned this document to W. D. Machan, and the latter, inspired by an ardent desire to know the contents, wrote to the German student who, in the meantime, had become a professor in Westphalia (Germany), and requested that by mediation of the latters connections with the Vatican, he might have a copy of that valuable document prepared. 8. p. 426. After so much uproar the town became suddenly calm, as if in thought, and a deadly silence pervaded it, as if death had covered it with its dark wings. The door opened and I could see Semida, lying on a bed adorned with candlesticks and perfumes. I, however, remained in indescribable sorrow and sadness. She tells him that she was on a ship and that she heard a cry; the skies became dark and the Aegean rough.

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