[1], In anticipation of the formation of the United States Highway System in 1926, the Highway Department commissioned the construction of the Gillespie Dam Bridge, a steel truss bridge just downstream from the dam. The canals transport river water further south towards Gila Bend where it is used for agriculture. The Gillespie Dam was constructed circa 1920 by a local rancher, Frank Gillespie (Gillespie Land and Irrigation Company),[3] to replace an existing structure. Remember it well, use to scare me when I was a kid. It, too, was constructed circa 1920, primarily for irrigation purposes. I never saw her. I sure do miss my Dad and his many stories from Bayview Al. That is just a few of the strange goings on there. Haunted by Lingering spirits here, because.. of the cemeteries nearby. [4], Due to the mounting problems, the Arizona Highway Department decided in 1920 to re-route the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway between Wellton and Arlington south of the river through Gila Bend. Despite constant modernization, the Gillespie Dam Bridge remained part of mainline US80 until 1956, when a new alignment was built to the east. Love Arizona? The baby (a boy) was only 2 1/2 months old. In York, Pennsylvania, many believe that a portal to Hell exists in a patch of woods near Hallam (or Hellam). A novel inspired by the experiences of the Cottingham family who immigrated from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Alabama in the early days of statehood. Written 20 November 2020. In particular, it is believed that if you park in the middle of the bridge at night and turn your lights off, the Donkey Lady will appear. Incensed, the merchants son vowed revenge. WE RELEIVED A CREW THAT HIT A TRUCK AT THE CROSSING GOING INTO THE OLD TRAILER PARK THERE IN MULGA , SADLY KILLED THE MAN. I grew up in bayview til I was 8 and have been left on the bridge at night by my parents. Outside of work, you can likely find her curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee, watching a crime TV show or scary movie. My Daddy Ronnie Flippo grew up in that camp and boy do I remember stories of Bayview Lake and the cemetery :)!!! This tale of the headless prom girl is so creepy that some locals avoid driving down this road at night. As for his wife, most of her body was thoroughly burned, but she managed to escape to nearby Elm Creek, where she disappeared forever. I miss the old bridge. Though not as scary as the first one, a woman's scream can sometimes be heard in the middle of the night. The surge of water also caused minor damage to the bridge by causing some of its support piers to settle. The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. The story I heard back in the 60s was that a girl got pregnant. The cemetery and the bridge are surrounded by stories. What is now often referred to as the "haunted bridge in Gettysburg" is 100 feet long and 15 feet wide. In 1993, a violent flood on the Gila River destroyed the Gillespie Dam. The car tires would make a singing sound against the grate floor of the bridge when we crossed. Built in 1926, it rises like a great rusting leviathan out of the tranquil waters of the Gila River, and was part of the historic 'ocean to ocean highway' that offered a southerly year round route between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The floodplain is a very turbulent one, and the Antelope Hill bridge (the original site for a bridge across the river) sustained severe damage time and again from floods. No but Ive heard of the ghost lady dressed in white at all kind of places. [4] Today, this newer alignment is part of Arizona State Route 85, as the US80 designation was removed from Maricopa County in 1977. The story is that it was built on an old Indian burial ground and forever cursed if anything else occupied the site. The Gillespie Dam bridge was one of the longest vehicular structures in Arizona when it was originally built; it was also the only steel bridge across the Gila River, and one of two remaining bridges with multi-span vehicular through trusses. One house that is considered the most haunted in the state is McRaven House located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I also listened to his stories of playing baseball out there, they were great n I guess part of what made them so great was the way he told them!! Gillespie of Tulsa, Oklahoma, initially allowing for irrigation of 10,000 acres (4,000 ha). One time the car would not crank for a while. The collapsed portion of Gillespie Dam on the east bank of the Gila River. It may also be the country's most haunted. Thanks. [1] The roadway would be made of heavily reinforced steel and concrete, able to handle two 15-ton trucks at once. She had been molested and mutilated. One paranormal research investigation recorded several EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) in the vicinity of the bridge. 97% of travelers recommend this experience. RIBBON OF LOVE: A Novel Of Colonial America (TAPESTRY OF LOVE) It may also be the countrys most haunted. Them where the days. Amazing structure expressing the need for strength over this waters body. I love all you historical prose and photos. My Dad was raised in that area and I am looking for a Aunt that might be there. Crossed this bridge many times as a kid while traveling to visit my Grandmother in Bayview. In addition, continual flood damage to the newly-established Ocean-to-Ocean Highway led state officials to reroute the road between Wellton and Arlington (south of the river, through Gila Bend). But is or was it so little? Wikipedia. They are interesting and very informative about my native state. My brother and I loved how it howled, so before dad (Joe Cooper) drove over, wed pretend to slap one another and open our mouths as if to scream as the tires whistled from the grate of that bridge. Main Marker - Side A: The Historic Gillespie Dam Bridge spans the Gila River on Old US 80 Highway, between the communities of Arlington and Gila Bend. If the legends are true, then Egypt Road Bridge is somewhat unique in that paranormal activities are said to happen during the day and night. The Gila River Flood of 1993 only caused some support piers to settle (because of its design and . My Daddy Ronnie Flippo used to take us out to the bridge, cemetary, and Dam as a child. Completed in 1960, the bridge is one the largest suspension bridges in all of Canada. 91% of travelers recommend this experience. Did you seeher? [6], The dam was also to have supported a new town of Gillespie that was to be built 12 miles (19km) west of Gila Bend along the Southern Pacific Railroad. This was not due to the weather, but rather to the appearance of a strange woman in white. I liked the Historic Gillespie Dam Bridge Interpretive Plaza. To most observers, this bridge is the definition of ordinary; theres nothing demonstrably unique about it. Tennessee, Coal and Iron. According to some folks, there was a young lady who died in a terrible car crash on her way to prom. Ultimately, the Antelope Hill location won out. Twitter Facebook The Trebuchet, The Seven Gates of Hell in Collinsville, Illinois, Top 10 Famous Haunted Landmarks You Didn't Know Were Haunted, 10 Terrifying Haunted And Creepy Mask Stories, 10 More Creepy Cursed And Haunted Objects, 10 Terrifying Bridges You Won't Want To Cross, 10 Most Haunted Buildings In New York City And Their, Top 10 Curious And Creepy Mummified Remains, 10 Historical Shoe Rituals and Superstitions You Might Not Know About, 10 Unusual and Incredible Reinterpretations of Classic Artworks, 10 Ancient Fertility Treatments You Wouldnt Want to Use Today, 10 Inventive Ways People Survived Winter Before Electricity, 10 Bleak Facts about Victorian Workhouses, 10 Amazing Archeological Discoveries Made by Dogs, 10 Of The Creepiest Corners Of The Internet, 10 Family Secrets That Will Truly Horrify You, 10 Strange Tales About Paranormal Research. But if I close both eyes tightly, it could almost be a she-haint. At that time, the dam was breached, and was never repaired. The way traffic zooms across it these days youd get ran over looking for her!. Made entirely of stone, the Poinsett Bridge is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who died in a car accident during the 1950s. This is the story of Lauderdale Countys Stuckeys Bridge. Has anyone on here actually seen this ghost? I remember going across it with my sisters friends back in the 50s and hearing the ghost stories. Also, information on covered bridges.especially history on one in Eureka community whose covered bridge spanned the Choccolocco Creek in Stemley community. Leatherman, Benjamin. and it crosses bayview lake, Sorry, the bridge is NOT located on AL269 over Bayview Lake.The bridge is located on Mulga Loop Road.which loops around Mulga, and connects to AL269 both north and south of town. The Pumpkin Patch At MacDonalds Ranch In Arizona Is A Classic Fall Tradition, The Epic Halloween Store In Arizona That Gets Better Year After Year, Visit Tanque Verde Falls In Arizona, A Hidden Gem Beach That Has Its Very Own Waterfall, The Hike To Arizonas Pretty Little Parker Canyon Lake Is Short And Sweet, The Terrifying Suspension Bridge In Arizona That Will Make Your Stomach Drop, What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned Arizona Town Is Truly Grim, The Tallest, Most Impressive Bridge In Arizona Can Be Found At Hoover Dam, This Road Trip Takes You To The Most Fascinating Historical Sites In All Of Arizona, 7 Drone Videos From Arizona That Will Take You On An Aerial Tour Of The Grand Canyon State. This trail from Highway 85 to Gillespie Dam and Bridge is 14 miles one way. The bridge is on Mulga Loop Road, not on 269. Built in 1927 as a Federal Aid Project, the bridge is a unique and elegant reminder of Arizona's rich past and America's transportation history. According to both her and my grandmother, they both saw a woman hanging from the top of the bridge. There have been several deaths and murders inside the house. This action supposedly caused the Goatman to appear. You should check out the ones in Blount County< I think hat there are either five or six. Just make sure you have your fishing license. Its still there from 269 to the cemetery but has long been gone from the cemetery to Mulga Loop road. Access is via I-10, MC-85 and Old Highway 80 (paved) or via Robbins Butte/Gillespie Dam Trail from MC-85 (unpaved). It has been gone for many years now but I have never forgotten the teachers. Many people who visit the bridge today report an uneasy sense of stillness (hence Airtight) that lingers around the entire area. Visitors can park at a small pullout and view the bridge and walk out on the embankment to see the collapsed dam. ???? Gillespie Dam Bridge The Gillespie Dam Bridge is a through truss bridge spanning the Gila River in Maricopa County, in the U.S. state of Arizona. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. The bridge just down stream is in great shape and fine to drive over. The Gillespie Dam Bridge (sometimes referred to as the Gillespie Dam Highway Bridge) is a through truss bridge spanning the Gila River in Maricopa County, in the U.S. state of Arizona.The bridge was constructed to bypass a concrete apron through the river in front of the Gillespie Dam, which was often closed due to flooding.Construction of the bridge started in 1925 and completed in 1927. I am related to the Shoemaker and Hand family along with the Massey family. The car was barely damaged and he had no visible injuries. Another story claims that an elderly woman named Sarah Mitchell died while crossing the bridge on foot. 15 Jan. 2016. It now functions as a county bridge and is part of Historic U.S. Route 80. All Rights Reserved. The cemetery mention also was the haunted cemetery where your car would die going around the loop, not the new cemetery at the walking track across from the Masonic lodge. The car stopped sat there a few seconds and then did a 360 in the middle of the road and took off back toward Minor..It was funny at the time..but a wonder I didnt get shot or run over, Docena Rd not Docent RdSorry my Spell check changed the name , My father (b. Another popular story claims that the spirit of a slave who was lynched haunts Poinsett Bridge. It is a special place and always will be in my heart!! Good times. The rent was USD $2.00 per room per month for the TCI employees living in the homes. The NASCAR speedway is supposed to be haunted, as things happen there that never happen at other speedways. There is still another version! I was there and saw it happen and saw the car. 92% of travelers recommend this experience. Yes I remember it well. When he arrived at address there was only a wet spot where girl was sitting! I GREW UP IN LIPSCOMB HEARD ALL THE STORIES, GLAD TO READ ABOUT THESE THINGS YOU WOULD HERE ABOUT AS KIDS SAD HOW THINGS CHANGE OVER THE YEARS. Never saw anything but was told all the stories growing up. Know all the stories. Always remember, As a youngster traveling to visit my grandmother, the singing bridge was my alarm to wake up from my slumber in the back seat, and get ready to see nana, I love reading your articles everyday. The Gillespie Dam Bridge opened in 1927 and has been in use since that time. I have seen some ghosts and have heard stories of the Bayview boys my Daddy ran around with oh and how other schools were scared to play ball because they were would whoop em , and butt whippings he got from his daddy for sneaking out of church n taking Dads car :)!! What hotels are near Historic Gillespie Dam Bridge? Back in 1980, the Coles County Sheriffs Department discovered the dead body of an unidentified young woman floating in the Embarras River underneath the Airtight Bridge. Lynne Gilbert Casey, Ill bet you know about this bridge! Spent many nights as a teenager crossing that bridge. Our day trip started in Gila Bend AZ. While the precise cause of the failure is unknown, the extreme flooding was almost certainly a contributing factor. The concrete dam was the last of four dams . Is this the bridge from last week???? Memories of my childhood. We can plan it for one weekend!!!! I would like to know more about the bridge that the storys come from is it the bride that is in use now or the very old one that crosses the lake on the back side of bayview also on that old bridge where would the roads come out if they were in use now. Been to the cemetery many times. The Gila River Flood of 1993 only caused some support piers to settle (because of its design and concrete support piers sunk in bedrock). Full-day Tours. [11][12] The project included strengthening of the concrete piers and steel truss sections, as well as replacement of the roller bearings and construction of the Gillespie Dam Interpretive Plaza. Wow. Went across the bridge many times going to family reunions in mulga but have never seen ghost. The construction process however was anything but routine. Miss the old bridge. 45. Open daily. The Gila River is fed by both the Agua Fria River which extends north of the valley, as well as the Salt River, which extends east of the Valley. There are only 3 covered bridges left in Blount County. Both sites are easily accessible by pavement and dirt roads. We've rated the trail a '4.5' out of 10. never thought anything about it until reading this article. The bridge is beautiful and rusty, the dam is bizarre yet beautiful and fascinating. I was raised in Minor. Later TCI eliminated the rental program and sold the homes to the workers. The car caught on fire with the young lady and her prom date, and it burned down the bridge. Gillespie of Tulsa, Oklahoma, initially allowing for irrigation of 10,000 acres (4,000ha). . Most of my relatives on my mothers s ide of the family were laid to rest in the Bayview Cemetery. Finally, in 1992, the victim was named as 26-year-old Diana Marie Riordan-Small, a native of Bradley, Illinois. [4] The overall construction cost totaled $320,000 (which is $4.06million as of 2021[2]). The bridge is listed on both the Arizona State and National . In the years since, shes had the privilege of having her articles appear in several publications, such as Parents & Kids Magazine and Girl Meets Strong. In fact, it is ranked in the top five of the most haunted houses in the country. This is the road she was found on. After passing through Arlington, you'll soon arrive at the magnificent Gillespie Bridge. Not long after, residents began to see ghostly lights underneath the bridge. When we would start to cross I hid in the floor of the car til we got well past there.

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