Phone Number: (808) 629-9114. The next king, Tahitoe, who was one of the district governors, was deposed in 1881 for aligning with the French. . Within our areas of study you will find several disciplines that might appeal to you. Jodhpur." SN Name (Mr./Ms.) Its not too early to think about starting or continuing your education! In this setting, the EL Program teachers pull students out of their regular classroom for individual or small group instruction. Hawaii State Department of Education Offices, Ka Oihana Hoonaauao o ke Aupuni Hawaii. . Politically, the Kingdom of Tahiti comprised all the Windward Islands except Maiao and also held nominal sovereignty over the more distant Tuamotus archipelago and a few of the Austral Islands. [16], In the 1830s and 1840s, tensions between French naval interests, the British settlers and pro-British native chieftains on Tahiti led to the Franco-Tahitian War (18441847) and the voluntary exile of Queen PmareIV to Raiatea. Directions for ele to sec school merge (part 2), Districtwise Elementary to sec school merge. Tahitian guerilla resistance on Tahiti was forcibly stamped out by the French administration with the capture of Fort Fautaua. Sign up to get stories from our public schools delivered to your inbox. [47], Bora Bora and its dependencies were nominally annexed on 19 March 1888 by Governor Lacascade. [54], The French appointed Governor Gustave Gallet to defeat the entrenched rebellion by military force. HIDOE Civil Rights Compliance Office . The responsibilities of district management are carried out by All-India officials and state . Oahu Central District Aiea High School (Website: Leilehua High School However, the anti-French forces rallied around Queen Teuhe, Marama's sister and former wife of PmareV, and set up a parallel rebel government from 1888 to 1890. [38] News of the change reached Papeete in the beginning of 1888, allowing the French annexation of the islands to commence. A complex is a high school plus the regional elementary and middle schools that feed into it. Waipahu, HI 96797. [34][37] The Convention relating to the New Hebrides and the Leeward islands of Tahiti was signed at Paris on 16 November 1887 and the Declaration for the Abrogation of the Declaration of the 19th June, 1847, between Great Britain and France concerning the Islands to the leeward of Tahiti was signed at Paris on 30 May 1888. Jodhpl!r'-~34001. hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw photos . A self-contained class is appropriate when there is a concentration of Non-English Proficient (NEP) students. The Pmare Dynasty, patrons of the British Protestant missionaries, established their rule over Tahiti and Moorea as part of the Kingdom of Tahiti. [69] In 1898 the former queen, TeriimaevaruaIII, attempted to incite a new resistance movement in the islands and was exiled to Tahaa by the order Governor Gallet on 27 October 1898. Instruction for newly arrived immigrant students focuses on a modified version of the core curriculum, intensive English language instruction, and an orientation to the school and community. We aim to advance the educational goals of all students with a special commitment to Native Hawaiian students. Office of the Superintendent - Leeward District Office (Annex) Attn: Shari A. Dela Cuadra. Troy Sueoka [71][72] The Code de l'indignat or Native Code was imposed by the French to administer the Leeward Islanders as French subjects rather than French citizens. The Windward Islands include Tahiti, Moorea, Mehetia, Tetiaroa and Maiao. 3 BEST COPY ItVAILLNE. Of Education - Leeward District Office. The 1969-70 Leeward Cultural Exchange program. 2. Annual Notices _July 2022_ rev2.pdf (975 KB) Business Pathway & Health Pathway (A-K) Counselor, Building & Construction / Engineering & Design (A-K) Counselor, Ho' ola & Engineering & Design (A-K) Counselor, Academy of International Business and Design (IBAD) Counselor, Academy of Technology and Design Counselor (9th & 10th grade), Academy of Technology and Design Counselor (11th & 12th grade), Academy of Culinary Arts, Health Science and Leadership (CAHSL) Counselor (9th & 10th grade), Academy of Culinary Arts, Health Science and Leadership (CAHSL) Counselor (11th & 12th grade). Teraupo'o and the rebels of Tahaa and the district of Tevaitoa refused the call, prompting the French to land and engage the remaining armed natives. Click here for a downloadable map. endstream endobj startxref Anne Hyde is an Account Clerk at Hawaii State Department of Education based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Out-of-classroom resources to help students with learning, projects. [4] French school teacher Paul Huguenin, who authored Raiatea La Sacre, a 1902 book on Raiatea's history and traditions, referred to the conflict as the Conqute des Iles sous le Vent. Develop an understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultures. Email Address: The EL students language development needs are supported. 94-521 Farrington Highway. M.G. hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw location . Leeward CC ensures student success with an average class size of 21 students and an instructor to student ratio of 20:1. [10][11], Tahiti was converted to Protestant Christianity by the London Missionary Society (LMS) in the early 19th century. Leeward District Annex in Waipahu, HI with Reviews - Home HI Waipahu Leeward District Annex Leeward District Annex in Waipahu, HI About Search Results Sort: Default 1. Assist in filing duties, sort and distribute incoming mail and deliveries. Maria has passed the Paraprofessional exam and also is a State of Hawaii Certified Nurse Assistant. hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw , hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw photos , hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw location , hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw address . Desigl'H:itiQn .. Financial Adviser, samp~O~rianimd Medical College. Maria has been with the Department of Education for 4 years. Phone: (808) 305-9705 There are no reviews on Leeward District Office yet. Oahu is comprised of four districts Honolulu, Windward, Central and Leeward with nine Complex Areas, each with two or three Complexes. To learn more: It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. 94-521 Farrington Highway. The proposed Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific also increased the value of territorial claims in the Pacific. Email: Leeward District Office. Don't forget the garlic fries! Continual instability in the native regimes and the growing threat of the nascent German colonial empire in the Pacific prompted France to declare the islands under a provisional protectorate in 1880, in violation of the 1847 Convention. Input, track and correct Fiscal and payroll information. Local chiefs and district governors (tvana) gained greater power and autonomy at the expense of the nominal island monarchs. In February 1847, Queen PmareIV returned from her exile and acquiesced to rule under the protectorate government centered in Papeete. The chicken and waffle burger or you could have it with a beef patty. Oahu is comprised of four districts Honolulu, Windward, Central and Leeward with nine Complex Areas, each with two or three Complexes. A complex is a high school plus the regional elementary and middle schools that feed into it. Is this your business? HIDOE Civil Rights Compliance Office. Prior to this she volunteered at Kaleiopuu Elementary School where her youngest child of 4 currently attends. [47][48], The Raiateans unsuccessfully appealed to Robert Teesdale Simons, the British consul in Tahiti, for assistance and offered their country to the "Great White Queen". 92-1300 Panana St. Kapolei, HI 96707. hawaii state department of education central district office annex wahiaw address . [34][68] In an ironic gesture of defiance, the islanders appointed a blind man to the office of French flag raiser. [49] In 1895, Queen Tuarii traveled to the British protectorate Rarontonga to seek help from the British resident, Frederick Moss, who refused to meet with her. The annexation was nominal and native autonomy and resistance continued on the islands for another decade. Statistics, Information Collection, MDM, DEO(HQ), Elementary Education,Tapodadha,Ajmer, DEO(HQ), Elementary Education,Near Bhagat Singh Choraha, Alwar, DEO(HQ), Elementary Education,Near Central School,Udaipur Road, Banswara, DEO(HQ), Elementary Education,Chopra Katla, Rani Bazar, Bikaner, DEO(HQ), Elementary Education,Room no. [26] In the late 1870s, there were worries that the German Empire would also incorporate the islands through annexation or a protectorate as part of its nascent colonial empire in the Pacific. [40] He was banned from preaching for trying to prevent hostile native prayer-meetings for the defeat and destruction of the French. Directions for ele to sec school merge(part 1), Govt. Hawaii State Department of Education Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design (OCID) Phone: (808) 305-9705 Email: To view each schools directory, click on the school name. Everything you need to know about enrolling your child in our schools. Leeward District Office. [13][17][18] The Jarnac Convention or the Anglo-French Convention of 1847 was also signed by the French and the British, in which both powers agreed to respect the independence of Huahine, Raiatea, and Bora Bora. 94-521 Farrington Highway. Hickam Air Force Base and, in 1961, it moved to the Chapel Annex #2, where it met, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, until the building . August 1945 A.A. Directory, published by the General Service Office (G.S.O. [30], Internal warfare and introduced diseases, such as dysentery, scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough and typhoid, contributed to a general decline of native populations after European contact. [56], The captured resistance leaders, including Teraupo'o, his wife, his brother and lieutenant Hupe, the chiefess Mai of Tevaitoa and six other men, were deported to Nouma, New Caledonia. We want to hear from you. [63], Bora Bora remained neutral during the conflicts of Raiatea which prevented the French from administering their new acquisition until September 1895. [47], Attempts were made to mediate the conflict by Consul Simons and Tati Salmon, an Anglo-Tahitian businessman of royal descent. Through the persuasion of her ex-husband Prince Hinoi, Queen TeriimaevaruaIII accepted French administration and formally abdicated on 21 September 1895. The invasion force was reinforced further with a company of Tahitian volunteers. Dr. Margaret Y. Oda; District Superintendent Honolulu District Office. [9], The Society Islands are subdivided into the Leeward Islands in the northwest and Windward Islands or Georgian Islands in the southeast. The annexation of the Leeward Islands (French: Annexion des les Sous-le-vent) or the Leewards War (French: Guerre des les Sous-le-vent) was a series of diplomatic and armed conflicts between the French Third Republic and the native kingdoms of Raiatea - Tahaa, Huahine and Bora Bora, which resulted in the conquest of the Leeward Islands, in the Whether youre starting your four-year degree, want training for a new job or plan to change careers, Leeward offers you quality education in a supportive environment. Leeward Community College offers 79 associate degrees and certificates and is classified as an Associates/Public 2-year college. The resistance was strongest on Raiatea and Tahaa where the chief Teraupo'o and his followers entrenched themselves in the countryside and the mountains and sought British intervention in the war. E Komo Mai! of education - leeward district office waipahu , dept. Email . focuses on providing support to schools in the areas of: Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement. Foursquare 2023 Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA, "Try this months burger! The royal government of Huahine persisted for five more years and TehaapapaII was succeeded by her granddaughter TehaapapaIII in 1893. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. , AtUI bal Ratrion 2 Om' Prakash 'Seervi 3 J;)ashrath KumarSdlankj" 4 Anjali Yadav 5 Dinesh Kumar Mangi Lal 7 UmeshChand Khinvasara Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design (OCID) Our student programs are aided by our partners. Leeward School District - CLOSED. By the mid-19th century the Leeward Islands was made up of three kingdoms: the Kingdom of Huahine and its dependency of Maiao (geographically part of the Windward Islands); the Kingdom of Raiatea-Tahaa, and the Kingdom of Bora Bora with its dependencies of Maupiti, Tupai, Maupihaa, Motu One, and Manuae. Admissions email:, Records email: Leeward District Office (Annex) Attn: Shari A. Dela Cuadra. 94-651 Farrington Hwy. Armed and diplomatic conflicts between France and native kingdoms of French Polynesia, Annexation of the Leeward Islands by France, Historian Colin Newbury noted: "When the unpopular ari'i of Raiatea, Tamatoa, was forced by his people to abdicate, a chief of Tahaa was appointed in his place by the French and two villages were bombarded in November 1887 when objection were raised. Frequently Asked Questions of the Department. 3 At-Large Keith Y. Amemiya, Esq. A week later, on 21 March, Captain La Guerre, of the Decrs, landed a small party of French marines to arrest insurgents on Huahine on the way back to Tahiti. Relation du voyage et du sjour", "Aspects of Cultural Change in French Polynesia: The Decline of the Ari'i", "Resistance and Collaboration in French Polynesia: the Tahitian War: 18447", "Te Hau Pahu Rahi: Pomare II and the Concept of Interisland Government in Eastern Polynesia", "Chefs et notables des tablissements Franais de l'Ocanie au temps du protectorat: 18421850", "Le colonialisme triomphant: Tahiti et la IIIe Rpublique", "Fantmes de la violence: nigmes tahitiennes",, Wars involving the states and peoples of Oceania, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 6 April 2023, at 15:42. Discover Your Community College. UBS , the world's largest wealth manager, on Tuesday signalled the possibility of resuming share buybacks later this year after generating more income than expected in the first six months and as it boosted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called a European Union deal on a post-pandemic recovery fund a "national success" that would allocate Greece around 72 billion euros ($82.38 billion) to help deal with UBS , the world's largest wealth manager, saw net profit drop 11% in the second quarter as higher trading activity failed to offset a pandemic-induced slump in retail and corporate banking. Attempts to forcefully incorporate the neighbouring kingdoms of the Leeward Islands (west of Mo'orea) ceased following increased diplomatic pressure from Great Britain, and after a French expeditionary force was defeated on Huahine by Queen Teriitaria II in 1846. See 1 photo from 6 visitors to Dept. Retaining her honor as queen, she was allowed to collect tributes from the outlying northern islands and was provided with a pension by the colonial government. [9][59][60], Ebenezer Vicessimus Cooper, the last LMS missionary in the Society Islands, was an observer of the conflict. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Leeward District Office locations in Waipahu, HI. [18][19], For the next four decades, the three northern kingdoms remained nominally independent from the French in Papeete and remained strongly pro-British because of the influence of the LMS missionaries who remained stationed on the islands. At Leeward Community College, we work together to nurture and inspire all students. Office of Superintendent - Leeward District Office (Annex) Attn: Shari A. Dela Cuadra 94-521 Farrington Highway Waipahu, HI 96797. Showcasing the diversity of student life: Athletics, the arts, leadership. [70][73][74] The Native Code was not repealed until 1946. h%t;Y-63hY~D~0-YU7yDD^OS^OR*>Ni>Oyz**vTzMMU{9^Cm-4S*M yY7}m'RMi=TK\WROsR8U7MVNk$sj/8ON7T&y,/#.]_/nGr-Q^Ow\]|x/>/n~;?H6Q LlDG-? [42], The natives resisted the French on Huahine. The Proclamation de Gouverneur aux habitant des les sous le Vent l'occasion de l'annexion de ces les la France was done without documents of cession from the former sovereign government of the islands. Share This: Honolulu District Click the school name above to go to that school's page. From kindergarten to graduation, follow our educational path. Waipahu, HI 96797. Click the school name above to go to that school's page. [66][67] Toullelan noted that Bora Bora did not lay down its arms until 1894 but provided no details. Shaladarshan + Monitoring (Secondary), Assis.Dir. [65] LMS missionary William Edward Richards wrote in 1888 that the Boraborans "were strongly opposed to the [French] flag, and it was feared that blood would be shed" but that they wisely appreciated their weakness and lack of "mountain strongholds", and "gradually settl[ed] down with bad grace into the inevitable". 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Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. According to Guy Hardy Scholefield, "The French flag was permitted to be rehoisted provisionally on 25 May 1881, for periods of six months, the discussion being renewed from time to time. Stay connected with the Department after graduation. Creating lifelong learners through specialized programs. Fax: 808-696-0169. FOREWORD. [34][52] French artist Paul Gauguin, who witnessed the final phase of the rebellion, noted that diplomacy failed to persuade the natives of Raiatea to surrender. Although Bora Bora remained politically stable, decades of political unrest plagued the islands of Huahine, Raiatea and Tahaa. Leeward District Office Annex, 94-521 Farrington Highway, Waipahu, HI 96797 Tel: 675-0443 Fax: 675-0439 [52][77][78] The French Protestant missionaries helped to preserve the indigenous language and culture of the islanders and the Maohi Protestant Church was later established to preserve the legacy of the indigenous and Protestant identity of the Society Islands.[52].

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