Akira, a normal human gets reincarnated into an Anime World with three wishes, thanks to the ROB. You were just born in the wrong era. That is something Vincent had heard countless times from his close ones. Being quirkless added to that fact as well. Lilith and Ophis later dispatched the more violent of the Artificial Super-Children Hades created, though a few were never discovered. weissschnee. sandbox Quite lucky indeed. A woman from our world dies and then wakes up as an Uchiha brat. Part 2 of Bleach DXD Language: English Words: 1,584 Chapters: 1/? Created this and have pictures for the characters there, take a look. She is a beautiful girl in her mid 20s with considerably large breasts, a round rear and slender legs all donned in a revealing gothic lolita dress. CONSTANT UPLOAD!! Strong!Non-Perverted!Powerful!Heroic-Neutral! You can expect: He died because of the lightning sent out by the God in a fit of anger. al (Issei X Heavenly Harem) Two millenniums ago, its silence was disturbed by a grand conflict, and its home was usurped by the dragon who indulged in dreams. In short, her true form far transcends the natural realm. Saweria (For my fellows indonesian) Contains many elements from Dragon Ball Z & Bleach. I put questions and stuff there. Genre: #Romance #Harem #OverPowered #Transmigration #R18 #Smut #Magic #Yuri #Highschool DXD #Action #GenderBend A man died while rescuing a small child who was trapped in a house fire, due to having a unique soul, a god gave up his job to maintain the multiverse with an imbalance he can enjoy living with his waifu in his harem life. As her former guardian, Ophis cares deeply for the daughter of the White Dragon, helping her 'dragon side' grow properly and teaching her how to tame powerful dragons like Grendel. Features: A mc who never rapes. MALE LEAD Urban Eastern Games Fantasy Sci-fi ACG Horror Sports, FEMALE LEAD Urban Fantasy History Teen LGBT+ Sci-fi General Chereads, Romance Action Urban Eastern Fantasy School LGBT+ Sci-Fi Comedy, Magic Wuxia Horror History Transmigration Harem Adventure Drama Mystery, Inspiring Cooking Slice-of-Life Sports Diabolical, Anime & Comics Video Games Celebrities Music & Bands Movies Book&Literature TV Theater Others, Novels ranking Comics ranking Fan-fic ranking, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION R18 WEAKTOSTRONG HAREM SLICEOFLIFE ANIME HIGHSCHOOL DXD DANMACHI ONE PUNCH MAN, Anime & Comics ISEKAI ANIME NARUTO ECCHI HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ACTION ADVENTURE R18 HAREM HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ACTION MAGIC ANIME DEVIL HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics REINCARNATION R18 HAREM OVERPOWERED DARK VILLAIN ANIME DEVIL INVINCIBLE HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics WEAKTOSTRONG HAREM CAMPUS HIGHSCHOOL DXD FATE, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION REINCARNATION R18 SYSTEM MAGIC HAREM OVERPOWERED SLICEOFLIFE HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Book&Literature ROMANCE R18 HAREM OVERPOWERED SUPERPOWERS ANIME HARRYPOTTER DC HIGHSCHOOL DXD RWBY, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION REINCARNATION R18 MAGIC HAREM KINGDOMBUILDING DEVIL HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION HAREM HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION R18 COMEDY HAREM ISEKAI DEVIL ECCHI HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE REINCARNATION COMEDY CAMPUS HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY HAREM ANIME SMUT ECCHI HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION REINCARNATION R18 COMEDY SYSTEM MAGIC HAREM OVERPOWERED ISEKAI HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION R18 MAGIC HAREM OVERPOWERED TRANSMIGRATION YURI SMUT HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics REINCARNATION SYSTEM HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics REINCARNATION R18 HAREM OVERPOWERED ANIME ACADEMY RAREBLOODLINE ECCHI HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics SYSTEM HAREM OVERPOWERED HIGHSCHOOL DXD, Anime & Comics ROMANCE ACTION REINCARNATION R18 OVERPOWERED ISEKAI DEVIL HIGHSCHOOL DXD, instagram tiktok twitter facebook youtube, Translators & Editors Commercial Audio business Help & Service DMCA Notification Webnovel Forum Online service Vulnerability Report, Tags Download Apps Be an Author Help Center Privacy Policy Terms of Service Keywords Affiliate, CURRENT WORLD: One Punch Man Due to being reborn inside the Dimensional Gap, many beings came to the assumption that she was birthed from there. While hesitant at first, he ultimately decided to go for it, wanting to experience life as he never had before, Now, he has essentially become a creature of darkness, but that doesn't matter. If you haven't read that, give it a read as it contains many important plot points. Naruto DxD: The Legendary Prince of Heaven & The Supreme Infinite True Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Divine Heavenly Commandments / Rise of The Greatest YHVH & The Most Powerful Supreme Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Commandments is a fan fictional mega multi-crossover series. wish fulfillment pokemon harem A Self-Aware 16 year old boy with a powerful sacred gear transferred to Kuoh Academy. She is one of the last survivors of the true dragon race, which was almost exterminated after conflicts with entities from other realities. Borlung (Adoptive Son) Dragonball However, after vigorous training with Issei, as well as absorbing her power within the living constellations and the Mecha Ophions, Ophis currently possesses 80% of her total original power. Dragon God Physiology: As a Dragon God, Ophis possesses a level of power that makes her the strongest and most powerful of all dragon-kind alongside her fellow Dragon Gods. While Issei and the others were preparing their school festival, The ORC gets a call from Ravel's mother, who informs them to look after their daughter. However, the force of evil known as the Khaos Brigade won't make it easy for him. Zakaria Holland was ready to die as his world was consumed by the apocalypse, but by some twist in fate, he finds himself flung into another world. Kuoh Academy (Alumna) great red decide to venture in another dimention and he found the world of remnant. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and is rather wholesome. Disclaimer: I do not own the Cover. (I don't own Highschool DxD, all rights go to Ichiei Ishibumi. Story is also included (and currently . If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. After doing so he vanished and the n issei was mistreated by his family and the orc he have 2 siblings who hate him for not having sacred gear but they don't know he have a hidden sacred gear can be proven Issei is half dragon half fallen angel. To simply call her a serpent doesn't do full justice to the majestically-sinister nature of the Ouroboros. Why is this Goddess named Cliche? Privacy Policy. 46.5K 672 8. Worlds: DC Comics. AU. Don't expect our journey to frequently intersect Ash's, and . Average athletics, average intelligence, average everything. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Inspired by my evil dragon storyline from Tales of the dark Universe as well as Issei Dxd, the story takes place after the evil dragon war, Issei finally wakes up from c Shane is just a normal teenage boy attending Kuoh Academy. Pain and Sufferings. You finally had What will happens when the creator of the universes cast his glance upon his garden and found out that DXD universes is threatened by countless extraterrestrial alien be A day after fighting Riser, Issei goes to the Occult Research Club to find out that Rias kicks him out, to add salt to the wound she brutally lays it down that he is wea Zayne is a typical 18-year's-old otaku, who died due to God's mistake and was given a second chance to live while having some abilities with him. Not only does she get to wear a sexy bunny girl outfit, but she also gets to learn the incredible art of sex. Ichigo just wanted to learn how to use a Quincy arrow, and he didn't expect Kisuke to send him to another city and investigate a mysterious energy source. Naruto DxD: The Legendary Prince of Heaven & The Supreme Infinite True Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Divine Heavenly Commandments / Rise of The Greatest YHVH & The Most Powerful Supreme Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Commandments is a fan fictional mega multi-crossover series. SECOND WORLD: Irregular In A Magic High School There will be massive changes to the story as the Ghidorah will start before even the age of Camelot. That is, consider that these are parallel worlds to the original! All the characters in my story do not belong to me and the cover of this novel does not belong to me either. fanfic creator: Imperial-samaB link:- https://www.fanfiction. Parents didn't acknowledge him as a son. Contained inside it is the strongest & most powerful dragon in existence whose even more powerful Great Red & Ophis. but what got him wasn't death but a book Please consider turning it on! Another reason was to be in a world which supported the idea of harems, he decided to be reborn as Red Devil in the gremory house as Rias's Twin Brother. Corrupted by the power of infinite knowledge, Akira becomes an Outer God with the ability to travel worlds and seduce any women he wants throughout the vast multiverse! Underworld Youth Academy let's just say I made her like this because: 1. I only own my OC's and some other ideas) All credit goes to the owner not me :) This is simply a dxd fanficOP MC, Harem is huge. AU. Dxd But Flipped by Jiren The Grey. Found this picture on Pinterest. FIRST WORLD: HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD. His normal life wil After the sealing of trihexa all the girls issei ever felt something for left. [AAU, OCC characters] Matsu and Uzume weren't the only guests at Izumo Inn with secrets that they wished to hide. Thank you so much! " (And a lot of Canon-Breaking. Draconic Deification: Similarly, by blessing a person with her power, Ophis can deify a person possesses draconic attributes of some shape or form, breaking their current limit and allowing them to grow exponentially more powerful. King Haiku. Now if you're wondering about Yang attitude. ************** Lorelei was desperate to do something other than wait for the world to end. - Don't be OP from the beginning (how to get a fart that you can beat from the maous from the start) Some I've read are: Fate DXD. He was the most feared dragon to ever live. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ophis is also one of the oldest beings in the Draconic Deus reality, predating most of the True Dragons. I'm surprised I'm still alive ". Isekai AU, Self-Insert, Fix-It. Please consider turning it on! A college student who dies at the age of 18 is reincarnated into DxD as the inheritor of the shadow monarch system among other things! Be sure to check out my patre.on if you wish to support me. For more information, please see our I was part of Rias's Peerage and great friends with Issei, Koneko, Kiba. This story is going to begin with the Highschool DxD universe while the protagonist is basically a rip-off of Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime. Follow him on his journey through the world of DxD. After that she is greeted Alex lucifer,Son of original satan and Current white dragon emperor. AU! Xenovia has a devil contract to work in a seedy nightclub, intending to fulfill her quota. nsfw So say goodbye life can be satisfactory for some but for those who think outside the box the world is disappointing. RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED MC Valerica Lucifer (Surrogate Daughter), Hyoudou-Gremory Household Scars he will have to cope with for much longer now that he's a Devil. Smarter Issei, slightly darker Issei, OP Issei. Naruto was also trained to be an exorcist and rose through the ranks to be known as. Valerica Lucifer (Disciple/Ward) Servants. Fun Time Pranks: A Power Rangers Equestria Ninjas Special, Fun Time Pranks: A Power Rangers Equestria Ninjas Special/Transcript, Playing God of War III (Apollo x Artemis and Mercury x Diana), Naruto DxD: The Legendary Prince of Heaven & The Supreme Infinite True Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Divine Heavenly Commandments / Rise of The Greatest YHVH & The Most Powerful Supreme Holy Dragon King God Emperor of The 10 Commandments, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Naruto / High School DxD Crossover Fan Fictions, High School DxD / Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover Fan Fictions, Pretty Guardian Neo Sailor Moon Solar Eclipse Genesis: The True Rulers of The Milky Way Galaxy / Legendary Extraterrestrial & Magical Guardians of The Vast Galaxies, Maburaho / High School DxD Crossover Fan Fictions, Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon: Intergalactic, Cybernetic & Supernatural Justice Defending Guardians of The Star Kingdoms & The Vast Infinite Galaxies / Infinity Zodiac Divine Celestial Titan Deity Maximum Revolutionary Genesis Storm, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Naruto helped Shinji reject Third impact and save the world. The curse mark serves the purpose of a suppressor that covers up Ophis' easily noticeable vast aura. Happy Reading :). Even his parents kicked him out. Just my luck that I died. What happens when Kuoh academy gets a black transfer student? Selfish is what he is. Infinitos Celesti (Genetic Relatives) Ophis is the deserts chef of the Sekiryuutei children during the individual birthdays. dragon. accompany him on his new journey. Raised and taken care by the Angels of Heaven, Naruto will grow up and become the new symbol of Heaven, become the symbol of hope to the followers and at the same time dealing with the dangers of the world his father entrust to him. https://discord.gg/wezGW8yV5b *Warning: Is wish fulfillment with a huge pokemon harem, there will be slow pace and development at need and MC bangs every girl in harem* Genderbend w/ Fem!Luke. playground. Mc was born in DxD world. Harem. But why I am following the plotline of a third rate novel? Telepathy: Ophis can sometimes communicate through the minds of others. Fine. His power was unmatched only close by the dragon gods themselves Escanor Ilios is the son of the Sun God Helios and the wielder of Regulus Nemea. ======================================= Phis (by Kunou and Senko) Lilith (Clone) Rating is M for the future content. "This is the birth of a new Outer God!" Neliel & Tier joined Naruto's Brave Saint to create an alliance between Heaven & Hueco Mundo. OP Issei but not too OP. With amnesia in his own personal past, and having no idea who reincarnated him, follow our protagonist as he navigates his way through this world and while he slowly finds out about his own personal history. This novel also focuses on world building, character interactions, slice of life and romance. Multiverse fic If it's for the sake of that, I will slay everything. - Jin Thank you so much! However, the force of evil known as the Khaos Brigade won't make it easy for him. She cradled the Pokemon in her arms and snuggled with him as the tears trailed down from her eyes. gg/zPHaRCV8ax (without space) ] Release Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday And upon being thrusted into the world of DxD, trying to carve himself a piece of it is the only thing he can really do. Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool DxD and Nasuverse and its related material, obviously. This Book is Continuation of Hybrid DXD. He will still become a hero, no matter what. goddess. It has currently assumed the form and identity of a female under the popularized alias of Phisaklea Lilith, the Supreme Supervisor of the Three Factions and Draconic Deus' interndimensional gateways. Instead of Rias appearing, Lucifer appears. Issei. Telekinesis: Ophis has the ability to interact with objects and constructs, be they physical or not, using a projection field of her endless power. Though when he went for a walk in the park and witnessed the supernatural for the first time, he was forced to awaken a power he didn't know he had to survive. But the truth is there are four beings stronger than him.

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