Diggs lka systkini sem heitir Mitchell Divine Diggs. Sophia is also known as the younger sister of RZA, a well-known American rapper, actor, director, and record producer. WebGhostface Killah has four children, but he never revealed anything about their mothers' identities. She was a member of the groups inner circle, and she had a short-lived romantic relationship with one of its most prominent members, Dennis Coles (better known as Ghostface Killah). Ena Lebsack Puntuacin: 4.4/5 (9 votos) Newsboys United,, Estaba Coldplay en Juego de Tronos? Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, American rapper, filmmaker, actor and producer, RZA is a family member and his children are Melchizedek, Eternity, Understanding Diggs And Shaquasia. Its the city. (We understand that was for you non-New York viewers, but still.). Preguntado por: Nakia Gerhold Resultado: 4.1/5 (51 votos) Chayanne debut como, Estaba Spratt en Faze? The original members of the group are RZA, Ghostface Killah, ODB, Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, Inspectah The result is Love Jones, a new EP filled with emotional transparency, nimble flows, modernized boom bap and intermittent words of wisdom from Ghostface, whom Supreme had reconciled with over the last two years. Also Read:Jayson Tatum: Is He Still Dating Toriah Lachell? He hops up, inspired, and starts working on what sounds like an early version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya. Ason jumps on, Bobby talks about arrangements to make it a crew cut, and Dennis decides to break out, As long as my gun clap, I aint gotta rap.. Not much is known about Mitchell but considering the fact that he has gained fame as a result of his brothers status in the music world, many also want to know how much he has made from his music career. Required fields are marked *. In this environment, if becoming a rapper wasnt inevitable, it was something very close to it. Sophia Diggs met Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah backstage at one of his concerts where she was acting as a model for the clothing line Sean John. She isnt particularly well-liked, so little is thought about her professional life. He grew up with his mother because his parents divorced when he little. A post shared by Tony Starks Wu Tang (@realghostfacekillah), Ghostface Killah began his career as one of the group members and released his first solo album, Ironman, in 1996. Conclusion The rap boss is the father of four children; three sons (Sun God, Supreme Intelligence, and Infinite Coles) and a daughter. Carrera profesional. Ranboo Bio, How old is Ranboo, Ranboo Height, His family, net worth, Career and family. He knew exactly where I was going with it. The two dated from 2006 until 2009, which resulted in the birth of their one and only son, Sun God. He So it took me a while to get him situated so I could play it for him because hes very busy. Prithvi Shaw Girlfriend: Who is Prithvi Shaws new girlfriend? Along with his wife of nearly thirty years, LL Cool J welcomed Najee first, then Italia. RZA, a well-known American performer and rapper, is the sister of Sophia Diggs. The complaint was filed against Coles. Sophie Diggs has a net worth of more than $1 million, according to the publicly available information. She is an American attorney and model. Es un ejemplo de observacin naturalista? Ghostface is also known by the aliases Ironman, Tony Starks, and Beautiful Tony, among other names. Para ser un jefe, el artista debe haber trabajado en el primer lbum de Wu Tang Clan. The name of Sun Gods mother is Sophia Diggs. But those gentlemen over there, they tell you that youre the player and that you move the pieces. No se menciona: cmo Rae y Ghost solo se volvieron tan cercanos despus de encontrar un enemigo comn en RZA. Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan dated Sophia Diggs in the past. Los fiscales federales han vendido un lbum exclusivo de Wu Tang Clan de siete cifras que anteriormente perteneca al notorio exinversionista farmacutico Martin Shkreli, anunci el gobierno el martes despus de que Shkreli se viera obligado a entregar el lbum nico luego de su condena por acusaciones de fraude de valores. Can we form an actual Undependable Ni**a Association of America to officially keep a rating scale? Meanwhile, while hes working with Divine, he and Shurrie are building a romance through furtive glances and little moments of tenderness, like Dennis scraping his plate instead of just dropping it in the sink for Shurrie to wash like her brothers. McKoy-Johnson audicion para el papel de Darius Coles, el hermano menor de Ghostface Killah que sufre de distrofia muscular. It has been estimated that the most famous American rapper, Ghostface Killah, has a net worth of approximately $20 million, as stated by a variety of web resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB). MTV has recognized him as one of the greatest MCs of all time, and he is included on their list. There is currently no information available about her exact age. Did He Get Married To Irish Actress Sarah Bolger? That was probably the main reason why it took so long. I played the whole thing for him. Sophia is one of the 11 siblings of RZA, the famous American rapper, actor, filmmaker, and record producer. Ghostface Killahs total net worth is around $20 Million. Meanwhile, at one point, Dennis is down to the last box of oatmeal in the crib. Amen), cleans up the house, and even adds some holiday cheer. Ghostface Killah, her spouse, is rather active on Instagram, contrary to popular belief. 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Although the rapper has not made all of his relationships public, nor has he stated who the mothers of his children are, it is rumored that he dated Kelsey Nykole, who appeared on the VH1 series Couples Therapy alongside him. MTV included him as an honorable mention on its list of the Greatest MCs of All Time in 2006, while Q magazine referred to him as raps finest storyteller.. Supreme-Intelligence: I can never really pinpoint that exact moment, cause Ive been rapping all my life. WebGhostface Killah del Wu Tang Clan dijo que los cuatro meses que pas en una prisin del estado de Nueva York el ao pasado fueron una bendicin disfrazada. However, we do not know the precise details of her whole assets or yearly salary. Sun God was born Dennis Ames in the United States of America.He has not revealed his actual date of birth, but, according to some sources, he is 28 years old as of 2022. Sophia is alleged to be popular star, Ghostface Killahs baby mama, is it unconfirmed. His real name is Dennis Cole. WebSophia Diggs is the former girlfriend of Ghostface Killah who is an American rapper and a member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Sophia Diggsis an American-born model and attorney who is famous for being Ghostface Killahs former girlfriend. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Ghostface Killah spent his childhood in the Stapleton housing complexes in the New York borough of Staten Island. WebSophia Diggs is the better half of the lead member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah. What We Absolutely Dont Believe: That Shurrie just walked off the bus after that back and forth and that was the end of it. As of the time of this writing, the rap legend does not have a significant other and is concentrating on his work as a musician. Your father has a one-of-a-kind style. So that was the hardest one. What song was the hardest for you to record? She belonged to the groups inner circle and had a brief romance with Dennis Coles, also known as Ghostface Killah, one of its most well-known members. Get to know about his son, Sun God, and how his father influenced him to also become a rapper. Sophia Diggs is the better half of Ghostface Killah, the lead member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Ghostface Killah has previously served as a songwriter for a variety of other popular singers, and just recently he has begun his career as a music producer. sophia diggs He was listed by MTV as an honorable mention on their list of the Greatest MCs of All Time in 2006, and Q magazine referred to him as raps best narrator of tales. WebGhostface has four children, including an anonymous daughter Ghostface has three sons Infinite Coles, Supreme-Intelligence, and Sun God and an anonymous daughter. The duo shares a good relationship both as brothers and members of the Wu-Tang music group. His stage name was derived from the name of a character in the kung fu movie Mystery of Chessboxing, which was released in 1979. Sophia Diggs er kannski ekki frg en brur hennar RZA og 9th Prince eru ekktir rapparar. I had to think about a lot more how basically he was growing up just to understand the situation, not to make excuses for it or anything, but you gotta get that in play. Preguntado por: Gabrielle Kirlin Puntuacin: 4.8/5 (41 votos) En 1948, una, Estaba Chayanne en Menudo? Mitchell has two cousins, GZA and Ol Dirty Bastard, who are also notable members of the Wu-Tang Clan. ! I thought you was the smart one. (Spoiler alert: They get married and have kids.). Some of my friends started coming across it and was like, Yo, I need like, want to hear this again. And then when I seen them, my friends, like one of the heroes. MTV named him an "honorable mention" on their list of the "Greatest MCs of All Time" in 2006, while Q magazine dubbed him "rap's finest storyteller.". He is an American producer and rapper. Bobby/Rza lives in a house with a basement has a working, engaged mom, routine, order and stability. Ghostface Killah was his stage name. However, his posts about his wife Sophia and their children are not visible on Ghostface's Instagram account. The rapper has a . Ironman, Ghostface Killahs debut album as a solo artist, was released in 1996 and was met with favorable reviews from music reviewers. Coles filed a lawsuit against Universal Music in August 2011 for unpaid royalties. Sophia . Sophias devotion can be seen in how she continues to speak out against what she perceives as unfair treatment from Coles estate administrators. Uno de los varios estilos o escuelas de artes marciales chinas desarrollado por los monjes del Templo Shaolin, un monasterio budista en China. In addition to this, he is widely regarded as one of the best storytellers in the history of the rap music genre. And thats a long time only because my emotions with this tape was everywhere. He is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. According to estimates, Sophia Diggs is in her late 30s or early 40s.Ghostface Killah is expecting a second child with her ex-partner Tara Reid in addition to his two children. However, because there are no trustworthy sources on the internet about her origin and birthdate, we are unable to learn more about it. One of the less well-known characters in the Wu-Tang Clan saga is Sophia Diggs. Episode 4 builds on the narrative from one of Ghosts signature songs, All That I Got Is You, the tale of his home life, his relationship with his mom, and how it made him the man he is; and then adds the love story of a young Dennis and Shurrie (Zolee Griggs). The series opened with Power ordering a hit on Dennis and he was later behind the fire at the stash house, so we know theres more backstory coming to fill in the gap between time periods. Dennis cant see a typical domestic future is in his cards, You think we gonna get married and have kids? Sophia then went on to further her education at the University of Pennsylvania Law School where she graduated with honors in 2017 with a Juris Doctorate degree in 2019.. She currently works as a partner at the New York City-based firm Goldstein, Greenstein. There is no way to tell who his baby mama is (or who his baby mamas are). Her aunt even called it parole, a way out of a life of cooking, washing dishes, and looking after her younger brother while her mom works double shifts. According to Wikipedia, Ghostface Killah, better known by his birth name Dannis Coles, is highly regarded for his loud, fast-paced delivery. Required fields are marked *. Cul es el verdadero nombre del asesino de Ghostface? He is professionally known as WebSophia Diggs is the former girlfriend of Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah (real name Dennis Coles). And Christmas is coming. Sophia is also known as the younger sibling of RZA, a famous American rapper, actor, filmmaker, and record producer.Who Is Sophie Diggs? She gave Who are Ghostface Killahs kids? sophia diggs, sophia diggs Ghostface is an artist who has three children: Sophia Diggs, Infinite, Supreme, and Sun God Coles. Due to the fact that her ancestors came from New York, she was born and raised in the United States. By 2014, he was in a freestyle video with his father and his brother Sun God, and he was on his way to following in Pretty Toneys footsteps. El lder del grupo, RZA, produjo Enter the Wu-Tang (36 cmaras) mediante la creacin de collages de sonido a partir de muestras clsicas de soul y clips de pelculas de artes marciales como Shaolin y Wu Tang (1981). That was one of the main reasons why I graduated and one of the main reasons why I started rapping again. A post shared by Infinite (@4everinfinite_). Moreso, he is regarded as one of the forefathers of hip-hop. The two reportedly met at a club in New York City, where Sophia was working as a model. It definitely made me more wise. Janice Crystal Has Been Billy Crystals Wife For Over 52 Years Get To Know Her, Lorenzen Wright Had Seven Children With Sherra Wright Meet Them, Leslie Knipfing: Get To Know Kevin James Sister. Sun God has also released a couple of his own tracks which include C.R.E.A.M., Redemption, Protect Ya Neck, and Gravel Pit. All About Sofia Carsons Mother, Who is Story Grey Jeter? Is Brittney Griner Trans, A Man or Woman? Acts of Service is apparently Dennis love language. WebChildren of Sophia Diggs Ghostface has three kids named Infinite Coles, Supreme, and Sun Coles. She gave birth to him in August 2002 and raised him on her own for several years before losing visitation rights due to her drug use. We do know that she has maintained her love for her son, whose fathers name is on him. Diggs has not revealed much personal data about herself on the internet. If anything new arises, we will let you know as soon as possible. That had to be the hardest one because I couldnt finish the verse. Ghostface Killah is well-known for his rapid-fire flow and passionate stream-of-consciousness narrative. All Rights Reserved. And thats a long time only because my emotions with this tape was everywhere. The episode follows Dennis and Shurrie back and forth between an undetermined THEN that could be one or two years in the past, and NOW. The THEN is peppered with heavy foreshadowing, starting with a studious and focused Shurrie telling another girl on the bus shes destined to end up with a locked-up baby daddy before getting distracted by Dennis while trying to study at the house. At home, Dennis is trying to keep things together as his mom is falling apart. The rapper does not fail to celebrate his brother on his birthdays, wishing him a happy birthday on social media. 2 man. She is currently a partner at Goldstein, Hilley & Orr LLP in New York City. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'stuffsthatmatter_com-banner-1','ezslot_12',121,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-stuffsthatmatter_com-banner-1-0'); Her husband, Ghostface Killah, on the other hand, is very active on Instagram. He shared a room with RZA, who would later create Wu-Tang Clan. According to numerous internet sites, Sophia has been dating Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah. We couldn't find Sophia Diggs' Instagram profile on the internet. Dennis prefers to go by his stage name Sun God. sophia diggs Father of Eternity, Melchizedek, Shaquasia, and Understanding Diggs is RZA. Hes the greatest with that. In the course of his successful music career, he also ventured into the film industry and has appeared in quite a good number of American movies. They take pride in being children of Wu-Tang but are also trying to cement themselves in their careers. Who is Patrick Swayzes Son, Jason Whittle? Ghostface Killahs son Dennis Ames, who goes by stage name Sun God, is a rapper just like his father. Now, it is needless to say that music runs in Mitchelle Diggs family. Big shout out to costume designer Marci Rodgers; she is killing it.) In addition to his work in music, Ghostface Killah has been quite involved in the film industry. WebThen, were going to talk about Sophia Diggs and her Husband, Ghostface Killah. Specializes in researching trending real-time news and data of distinguished personalities, and composing innovative text based on the subject. Theres a lot of people, especially with a Black background, that dont got peaches and cream in their background. I like speaking about my experiences, so just whatever my experience could teach somebody in that moment, whether its going to get past the life, youre saying trying to get past something in life or just overcome any obstacle. What Wed Like To See More Of: Is Aunt Laurie hanging around? The song was released through Dock Street Records based in Stapleton. Tambin hay muchas exclusivas de estilo libre de hip hop, ya que Cappadonna te presenta el negocio de la msica de primera mano. When Divine gets home, he tells Dennis that he and drug dealer Power (Marcus Callender) are no longer working together and appoints Dennis as his No. Ghostface Killah has four children, but he never revealed anything about their mothers identities. Sophia Diggs is the former girlfriend of Ghostface Killah who is an American rapper and a member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. He is better known by his stage name.1. Around that same point, he had a falling out with Ghostface, the man who introduced him to the music he reluctantly abandoned. Ghostface Killah Wife. This stays with him. Buzznigeria.com copyright 2023. EP, fatherhood and more. Alright?, Working hand-to-hands in Battery Park, Rza takes a moment to sit with the chess elder (Anthony Chilsolm), and complain about the Five Percenters loud and incessant teaching messing with his focus (we feel you, Bobby, we feel you). We still think the scenes between Bobby and the old chess playing sage are a bit too down the middle, but the elders breakdown of the Five Percenters message explains the appeal of the movement to young black men in the early 90s, and how the Five Percent Nations influence on Wu-Tang is vital to Wus story. Web1M Followers, 2,472 Following, 906 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tony Starks - Wu Tang - (@realghostfacekillah) Sophia is also known as the younger sibling of a famous American rapper, actor, filmmaker and record producer named RZA. Sophia Diggs is a model and attorney based in the United States. Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, American rapper, filmmaker, actor and producer, RZA is a family member and his children are Melchizedek, Eternity, Understanding Diggs And Shaquasia. Thats a real big part of me right now, trying to accept something because a lot of things that happened to you, as I said, and as long as you keep dwelling on that, you know, you stay in that same state, stay stagnant. Ghana Music, MP4, MP3, Naija Music, Lyrics, African Songs, Videos, Ghana Gospel, Ghana Music Videos, MP3 Download, Sophia Diggs Bio, Age, Son & Relationship (Ghostface Killah Ex). His real name is Dennis Cole. Se revela que Ghostface es el medio hermano de Sidney, Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), quien naci de su madre Maureen durante dos aos cuando se mud a Hollywood para convertirse en actriz con el nombre de Rina Reynolds. What We Could Do Without: About three of the references of Shurrie being smart and focused. She is an independent and self motivated student who is passionate to enter into a corporate world where she can utilize the extensive knowledge gained during her course. He examines his past romances, his relationship with his pops and more. Your email address will not be published. Hazel Krasinski is All Grown Up Get To Know Emily Blunts Daughter. Ghostface Killah, Inspecta Deck y RZA de Wu-Tang Clan actan en la ciudad de Nueva York. Meanwhile, out of Ghostface Killahs four children, Sun seems to be the one that has a closer relationship with him. The zodiac sign of Ghostface Killahs birth is Taurus. His work has been compared to that of William S. Burroughs and Kerouac since he frequently uses stream-of-consciousness techniques and obscure lingo. WebSophia Diggs Bio, Age, Son & Relationship (Ghostface Killah Ex). Starks Enterprises, his record company, was founded by him. Ghostface Killah del Wu Tang Clan dijo que los cuatro meses que pas en una prisin del estado de Nueva York el ao pasado fueron una bendicin disfrazada. Has accumulated more than $10 million in wealth as a result of the various endeavors he has undertaken within the field of music. Supreme once mentioned her in one of his interviews and said that she is also a singer. He is known for Wu-Tang Clan: Disciples of the 36 Chambers, Black Samurai, Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan (2007), and Chapter 2 (2004). Shotguns coworker Erika hooks them up with some rolls of film to sell on the streets for cash (were guessing in exchange for a weed connect once they get the product). sophia diggs The music industry employs all of Ghostfaces offspring. There is no way to tell who his baby mama is (or who his baby mamas are). All About Steve Bannons Ex-Wife. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks to his frequent collaborations with Redman, who some might be surprised to learn is not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as other solo ventures, Method Man now sits on a net worth of $14 million. Collage Career, Relationship, The 9th of May, 1970 saw the birth of Dennis Coles. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. However, we do not know the exact specifics of her total assets or annual pay. There is a good chance that Sophia is one of his baby mommas and even a chance that she is the mother of Sun God; however, this is not certain. His sons are Dennis Ames, popularly known by his stage name, Sun God, show up in Dennis. Filled with regret about his decision to focus on school rather than hip-hop, it was a while before Supreme picked up a mic again. Ashton Sanders (L) plays Rza and Siddiq Saunderson (R) plays Ghostface Killah in Hulu's 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga.' vibe. She graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Nothing is publicly known about Sun Gods educational background. She is an American attorney and model. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sophia is born into and is one of RZA's sisters, made up of 11 siblings, nine brothers and two sisters. You Can Listen To : Jahmiel Legend Album, A post shared by Tony Starks Wu Tang (@realghostfacekillah). 9th Prince is also a rapper and is the founding member of the rap group Killarmy, an American hip-hop group associated with Wu-Tang Clan. sophia diggs. Sun Gods father, Ghostface Killah, whose real name is Dennis Coles, is a well-known rapper, singer, and producer famous for being a prominent member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Sophia Diggs is RZAs sister-in-law and the wife of Ghostface Killah, who is also known as Dannis Coles. She told him that she wanted to be a lawyer and he gave her his number so they could keep in touch. Theres no heavy police presence and no competing factions. In this weeks episode, we get a closer look at how the pressures of caring for two brothers with disabilities one whos nonverbal, plus a mom fighting with the bottle, drove Dennis to be such a go-hard. She is an American citizen, as her family is originally from New York. Ghostface Killahearns an estimated salary of $2 Million per Year. Sophie is the daughter of Robert Diggs, better known as RZA, one of the three sisters of the prolific rapper. While there are not many details available about Mitchells personal life in the media, weve able to gather some information about his music career in the famous rap group. The group largely believed that they are who they are and their fathers are who they are. Cules son los nombres de los fans de Wu Tang? Also, Ghostface has a daughter though there is no public information about her. Whom is he dating? He calls Shurrie, the one person he knows he can trust his brothers with while he goes to the hospital. While cutting through Manhattans Battery Park on his way to a job interview, Bobby has the realization that he and Dennis could move weight to all the financial cats there. Furthermore, their union has been blessed with three adorable Sun Gods Father, Dennis Coles aka Ghostface Killah, was born on 9th May 1970 in Staten Island, New York City, United States of America. Supreme Intelligence at a time fell out with his father, but little is known about the issues they had. Sophia Diggs is an American attorney and model. In another THEN flashback, Dennis is itching to get at Power, but Divine orders him to stand down, insisting theres no beef between the two just business. Mama Linda (Erika Alexander) visits Divine (with her cream Dooney & Burke bag. You mention Thankful, but did you end up playing the whole new album for your father? sophia diggs One of RZAs three sisters is Sophia. Ghostface Killah, better known by his birth name Dannis Coles, is a highly regarded rapper known for his loud, fast-paced flow. I wouldnt tell nobody I knew how to rap. The wealth of the well-known American rapper known as Ghostface Killah is estimated to be $20 Million. I aint know how he was going to feel about it. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! The notorious brace has been in the news for colorful reasons over the once many times. To this day, he has published 12 albums, many of which have been certified gold or platinum upon their each release. It gave me a lot of insight on how to move. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @realghostfacekillah. Sophia Diggs is one of the more obscure figures in the Wu-Tang Clan saga. Meet His Mom and Dad, Meet Marnie Rose Cooper Lily Allen and Sam Coopers Youngest Daughter, Meet Billy Raymond Burton, Tim Burtons Son Who As a Toddler Played His First Movie Role. In 2016, he was up for a Juno Award in the category of Rap Recording of the Year for the work he had done the previous year. Get New Updates of Posts by Email. It is his ability to relate stories through rap that has brought him the most fame. Released after a near fatal battle with COVID-19, the project named after the iconic 1997 romantic flick is a cathartic one for Supreme. Is Emily Compagno Married and Who Is Her Husband? My junior year, I switched [my major] to sociology. S, durante un incidente entre RZA y un pandillero rival, el amigo de Diggs, Ghostface Killah, recibi un disparo en el cuello. We also premiere the video for his new single Prince Akeem.. That youre a God. We can see the transformation of thought happening in Bobbys mind. Ghostface Killah Sun God Real He just kept saying I kept going on all the beats, cause I dont really like making hooks. She is surrounded by popular well known celebrities and her elder brother happens to be a producer and also have a private Instagram account. Enjoy below trending song from Ghostface Killah featuring J. Blige titled All That I Got Is You. Sun God does not have active accounts on any social media platform and he prefers to keep his personal life private. His previous relationships have apparently all ended in failure. He appears in many of his music videos. Following the groups meteoric rise to fame, which began with the release of their debut album, 1993s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), individual members of the group went on to pursue solo careers, with varied degrees of success. According to estimates, Sophia Diggs is in her late 30s or early 40s.Ghostface Killah is expecting a second child with her ex-partner Tara Reid in addition to his two children. So I wanted to be a role model to my sister and show my mom that people could do something different and just change the dynamics. And as soon as I wake up hed be in the kitchen writing or my brothers writing or my sisters singing. And sometimes itll take months to me for me to revisit it. She is a model and an American lawyer. Sun God alongside iNTeLL, PXWER, and Young Dirty Bastard (sons of some of the legendary hip-hop groups founding members of Wu-Tang; U-God, Method Man, and the late Old Dirty Bastard) came together under one band and formed the second-generation of Wu-Tang dubbed 2nd Generation Wu. Raised on the sounds of Wu-Tang Clan, it is not surprising that Dennis Ames grew up to develop an interest in music.

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