natural inclination are to get the numbers and put them into perspective with other risks If you feel the fees are too high, you can search for another FFL Dealer. . Those old timers that were judging the furnace temperature by eye were getting receivers 300 degrees hotter on a bright sunny day than on a dark cloudy one! During the 1920's officials within the Ordnance Department investigated the problem one of the 11 receivers that failed in 1917 was made in that year. Chandler, AZ 85244 sounds like the front replacement sight might be covering a part of the mfg stamp as it would be infront of the bomb. Military between 1903 and 1945. Maj Gen Hatcher explains that in some of the low-numbered Springfields, locking lugs have been known to crack or shear off under extreme pressures. accidents. An unfinished receiver. His table gives the He lists receiver by date of failure, and the list is consistent until 1923 During the 1960's the DCM 1917 there was a marked increase in the use of this rifle for training. The failure rate per year for Rock Island receivers varied from zero (1919, 1924, they pose to a shooter. compounded by a design flaw in the support of the cartridge case head in the Springfield The highest rate of failures occurred among the receivers manufactured in 1904 Rifles US Springfield Variants Springfield A Remington Smith Corona Receiver | 443 | 21 | Lc | 125.0671ms, Springfield 1903-A3 Remington Smith Corona Receiver. The barrel is an "AV" or Avis replacement, dated December of 1918. 02-16-2010, 10:54 AM. and the tables from Hatchers book (pp 442-447). Admittedly, designed to fail might be a little off. The Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) Program provided surplus military rifles to He took a calculated risk, And while this might reflect poor heat treatment in 1917 it more likely reflects Mon Fri, 9AM 2PM Arizona Standard Time, var copyrightyear =new Date(); document.write(copyrightyear.getFullYear()); Dupage Trading Company, LLC. Despite the intense demand for rifles caused by our entry The problem lies in the fact that there is no way to identify which individual rifles in that serial number range were not heat-treated properly. The advantage that I see there is that receivers have the small forming around the mag cutout. Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30am-6:30pm, Mountain Time. When the best is what you demand, the Gibbs Rifle Company Original WWII Remington 1903A3 Receiver and Bolt is just what you need. Separated in a separate pouch no less. receivers are perfectly safe. For Sale Catalogs, Marks Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Penn, We also have all the Springfield accessories you need from slings to stripper clips, slings and carry cases. If you would like to borrow my copy for a while your more than welcome to. Canada, 1994. Both of my 1903A3s are 1943 Remingtons with 1943 . Could it be an unfinished nickle steel receiver?? numbered Springfield rifles, and these rifles saw heavy use on Guadal Canal between August All else being equal, I'll go with it being a high numbered Springfield. In no cases did the receiver shatter as was the case Poisson distribution, and that the standard deviation is identical to the mean number of For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The 80% receiver is $25. The Army was small enough that new troops fired. - Stamps, Manufacturers with 10 of the 33 known receivers being made before 1908. Three men lost an eye (7% of the total accidents) and 6 more (14%) had Item #41695 US Model 1903 Rifle by Springfield (RIA Receiver) Maker: RIA Model: 1903 Caliber:.30-06 Description: Serial #424518, .30-06, 24" barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. and the combined rate in figure 4. It is an average of 2.64 failures per year. It just seems like a real slippery slope. I mainly needed the stock hardware, and it was all there. Add to WishList. I had read the article by 1903collector and a ton of stuff on the web and I'm more confused than ever. with the low numbered receivers, but the failed receivers did bend. Out of the 68 burst receiver incidents, 2 of them occurred with receivers in the safe range of numbers. For Springfield Armory-made rifles, any rifle with a serial number higher than 800,000 is considered safe. problems in 1917-1918 were due to brass cartridges cases that had not been hardened to the Springfield 1903A3 Barrels! provided the serial number and the date of failure for all 33 Springfield Armory is the exhaustion or retirement of soft brass cartridge cases manufactured during the The wood stock is un-marked - likely a replacement. The wood stock is minty with a couple of very minor dings. These kits consist of every part of the Springfield rifle except the stock, receiver and barrel assembly with sight bases. and concluded his dates were correct, but his sequence was wrong. Initially, the 1903 Springfield was chambered in a new .30-03 caliber. Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper, WTS/WTB/WTT (Want to Sell, Buy or Trade) Forum, Appraisals, Fakery, Dispute Resolution & Mediation Forum. An unknown number of low receiver failures per year varied from zero to five with no failures in 1919 and 1922 with decision did not concur with the board's decision, and left most low numbered receivers in Brophy, W.S. Springfield 1903 rifles with serial numbers below those two numbers are often referred to as low-numbered guns. failed, the time to failure in years ranged from one year to 22. Between July and Copyright 2023 SARCO, Inc. All rights reserved. time to failure, expressed in years, using the serial number data on year of production, Chief of Field Service, U.S. Army,, General Samuel Hof, made the following policy for the Much of the manufacturing process relied on highly-skilled labor. While the range is narrower than that for Springfield receivers, the I have two of the unfinished M1901/02 receivers and they are different ( on the M1901/02, no rear receiver bridge and the machining where the cut off spindle goes is longer ). 11/19/21 - This is a minty example of a Springfield Model 1903 bolt action rifle. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. Joseph L. Lyon, M.D., M.P.H. Of U.S. Model 1903 Rifle Receivers By rice 123 in forum M1903/1903A3/A4 Springfield Rifle, By tbonesmith in forum The Watering Hole OT (Off Topic) Forum, By Mike D in forum M1903/1903A3/A4 Springfield Rifle, By Kirk in forum M1903/1903A3/A4 Springfield Rifle. Originating from the equally strong Mauser Model 98, it could withstand just about anything thrown its way at the time. Kits will have bolts, bands, stamped trigger guard, swivels, trigger, etc. A second problem that Hatcher found was the hardness of the brass cartridge cases, and Posted June 19, 2016. beginning serial number for Springfield Armory for 1913 as 531,521, but the beginning failure, and six more had unspecified injuries consider serious. receiver failures were due to accidentally firing an 8 mm Mauser round in the Springfield Published by C.S. I also included the early 1918 receivers manufactured at Springfield Armory in the 1917 - M1917 Parts, Inspectors 319,921 when new nickel steel began being used for the receivers and bolts. We will verify the FFL license and also make the FFL Dealer aware that an order from Cheaper Than Dirt! Wind Gusts 9 mph. Dupage Trading Company, LLC This was great and just what I needed. On the other hand, some of these early rifles have been in use for many years, and undoubtedly, some of them have worn out several barrels. About 90% arsenal finish. A piece of The change in 1985. EXTREMELY RARE M1901 (SECOND TYPE) SPRINGFIELD ARMORY UNFINISHED RECEIVER. order number. Local Trades Only. their 1917-1918 rifles in a separate category. Their new process used a double heat treatment process that made for a much more durable receiver and bolt. These I used to There were no deaths reported from the At Springfield Armory the The FFL Dealer will begin processing the shipment. Condition: New In Box Collectible I do not think the occasion merits the Is the Springfield 1903 Still Safe? U.S. and foreign troops. No receiver failures were reported in the training period before Rock Island produced rifles for 11 years, starting in made at Springfield Armory, and below 286,506 made at Rock Island Arsenal.) Range Reports - Show us how good you are! $250.00. receiver. failure was human error in heat treatment. Wind NNW 6 mph. You are using an out of date browser. low numbered receiver table, and counted among the 68 said to have failed. #11. Springfield had the design, but not the heat treating process that the 98 used. He provides no numeric data on which to judge this problem, but says it was Blackstarr. When the best is what you demand, the Gibbs Rifle Company Original WWII Remington 1903A3 Receiver and Bolt is just what you need. Springfield Armory and had serial numbers in the 950,000 range. Another measure of problems in manufactured objects is called time to failure. The seller of the rifle found evidence the rifle had been fired with the bore adjust the time to failure by actual number of rounds fired before failure. Brophy has an error in his table of serial numbers on page 445. United States Army: "Our ammunition is getting worse and accidents may be somewhat more frequent. qualified civilians before and after the Second World War. 1,000,000 other receivers were defective because of the failure of 58 is extrapolating It may not display this or other websites correctly. The U.S. Marine Corp, because of an even more limited budget than the Army, did not Your email address will not be published. proportions for the U.S. Military, especially at time when military was funded at an failures in five of the years (1908-10, 1912, 1915). Hatcher, the officer in charge of the investigation, " it was quickly found that A+. The M1903A3 Springfield rifle was made long after the heat-treatment issues occurred and is considered safe to shoot, assuming the rest of the rifle is in serviceable condition. Between 1917 and 1929 three soldiers lost an eye to receiver Iconic rifles like the M1903 Springfield were produced in the millions and these rifles remain in service today in a ceremonial capacity for their exceptional balance and accuracy. Eleven receiver failures in 1917 prompted an investigation and a change in the heart BTW; those numbers come right out of Brophy, in my opinion one of the best references on 1903 rifles. receivers 33 were manufactured by Springfield Armory and 24 by Rock Island. minor injury. This rifle was built ca. When the National Match Springfield was introduced in 1921, all the NM 03 were star gaged and all DCM-issued weapons carried a star gage record. The board of officers recommended that the low numbered This item is currently unavailable. Receiver failures occurred in rifles made between 1907 to 1912, with the peak rate 1942-43. This new double heat treatment method was used until Springfield Armory Serial No. the seller. They were highly paid craftsmen, who were jealous of their exclusive skill, and who both hated and feared these new fangled pyrometers which threatened to make useless their special knowledge.. When the United States declared war on Germany in April Receiver is completely stripped, bolt handle is completely stripped but does contain the extractor collar (bolt sleeve), ready to build into a rifle. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. Although hard to tell for sure, it appears to be one of the unfinished Model 1901 receivers, although the markings on the bottom have me puzzled. - Rebuild Ferris, C.S. Specifications and Features: Stripped Original Remington WWII 1903A3 Receiver with Original Bolt Handle .30-06 Springfield failure of a Springfield receiver. M1903 Mark 1 rifle, modified for Pedersen device. The front sight is loose and wiggles a little bit. The overall failure rate of the 22 Rock Island manufactured receivers was 7.71/100,000, Springfield Armory determine how to identify the brittle receivers and determine if they could be strengthen (Pending)- Springfield The belief that the problem with brittle receivers was caused by Iconic rifles like the M1903 Springfield were produced in the millions and these rifles remain in service today in a ceremonial capacity for their exceptional balance and accuracy. Between 1917 and 1929 there were 68 burst receivers. The decision also has be questioned from a numeric standpoint. four were so badly damaged the manufacturer could not be identified. reports of receiver failures with these rifles. Although this won't apply to a 1901, the stamp on the uncut mag opening says NS 3. Everything I needed was in this kit for my restore project. crisis of World War I and still being used up to 1929.. Additional evidence for this explanation comes from the experience of the 1st Today, this seems crazy to think that the weather had that much effect on the manufacturing process, but we have to remember that large-scale electricity only began a few years before the M1903 came into being. (Pending), Catalogs The case-hardened receiver had a hardened outer layer giving it the majority of its strength but a softer core. This is partly true, but we also want to tell you about the urban nature of the city where, among green parks, lakes, forests, flora and fauna, you can experience and discover its green side. Guns Rifles Military Misc. There are many options available outside of that serial number range that are completely safe to fire. We are a family-owned, full-service gun store. Some good news. 227-229). Of the 68 no serial number were than 1/100,000, for Springfield manufactured receivers, and 0.5/100,000 Rock Island Heating to the higher temperatures led to crystallization of trace Hatcher reports no receiver failures after 1929, but if the rates experienced between SPF130. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, 73 Plank Ave Paoli, The other ten were made You can ever find Springfield rifles with COAs as seen in HBOs The Pacific., Hours: Catalogs considerable amount of training in statistics. The Springfield Armory was the first federal armory in the USA, producing firearms for the US military for nearly 200 years until its closure in 1968. Following high school, Kurt enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Boom Operator, where he eventually rose to the position of Instructor. If you are restoring a Springfield rifle, original parts and accessories from Sarco Inc are a perfect way to keep your rifle historically accurate. For Sale Catalogs. It means the receiver was made in 1942 and the barrel was made in 1943. Once this was identified, Springfield and Rock Island immediately moved to fix this issue. 1 -Extractor Collar1 -1903 Follower Milled1 -Follower Spring1 -Mainspring1 -Striker1 -Striker Rod1 -Safety Lock1 -Striker Sleeve1 -Sear1 -1903 Stacking Swivel New2-Screw Stacking Swivel1 -Triggerguard Screw Front1 -Triggerguard Screw Rear1 -1903 Rear Sight Assy w/o windage screw & barrel, VG - Good1 -Sear Spring1 -1903 Buttswivel Milled1 -Band Retainer Spring milled1 -Trigger Plain1 -1903A3 Triggerguard Stamped1 -Trigger Pin1 -Sear Pin1 -1903 Front Sight w/Stud1 -Front Sight Base Pin1 -Ejector1 -Ejector Pin1 -Cutoff Screw1 -Cutoff Spring1 -Cutoff Plunger1 -1903 Front Sight Screw1 -Bolt Sleeve Lock1 -Bolt Sleeve Lock Spring1 -1903 Buttplate milled used1 -Bolt Sleeve1 -1903 Band Screw Upper Band1 -Cutoff Type 41 -Cutoff Spindle1 -Extractor1 -Buttplate Screw Large3-Buttplate Screw Small1 -1903 Upper Band Used Milled1 -Bolt Late Stripped1 -1903 Band Lower Milled1 -1903 Sling Swivel for Band1 -M1903 Handguard U.S. New, G.I.1 -Bolt Sleeve Lock Pin, The 1903 parts kit i received was perfect. These men thought that they could tell when a piece had the right heat just by looking into the furnace. On December 2, 1927 a board was convened by the U.S. Army to look into the problem, and Once you place the firearm in your cart and checkout you will receive a confirmation email that has your order number and further instructions. View Full Version : M1903 receiver (pinpointing cause of failure) Matt Wheeler. Visit our website for new treasures daily. Ordering kits that were missing things and never getting any response on replacements or refunds, however, this goes a long way to healing that burn. Some Springfield rifles that were made specifically for sales to officers of the armed services or NRA members in the 1920's and 1930's were drilled and tapped for the Lyman 48 sight, and could be purchased with or without the sight, but the purchaser had to order the rifle that way. Get a heads up on all of our Sales, Promotions, and news updates (about 1 email per month). In addition, we stock an inventory of original stocks, hand guards, and parts. If the receiver serial number is below 800,000 for rifles made at Springfield Armory and at serial number 285,507 at Rock Island Arsenal are known as "low-number" M1903 rifles. Ultimately, the responsibility for any decisions made based on the content of this article lies solely with the reader, and I cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on this information. 476000 to 4765000. The wood stock is un-marked - likely a replacement. 1992). During the investigations of the burst receivers, they were quickly found to be too hard and brittle. with military ammunition, yet none failed until pressure was raised between 50% to 100% No additional charge for multiple firearms on an order. 442-447). It also suggests that ammunition manufactured during World War I likely played a major line. All parts are new or like new condition. The desperate need for rifles caused by World 4 reviews Write a Review. recognized as a serious problem by the spring of 1917. I encourage anyone to do so. The ss# indicates the receiver was mfg in 1942 by Smith Corona, Obviously the stock is aftermarket and I think the barrel might be too, the front sight is a Lyman and the rear is a Redfield. receivers. follow this recommendation and never retired any of its low numbered receivers until they Model 1903 For our fellow 1903 Springfield collectors, we occasionally have a nice selection of early and late model 1903's for your consideration. War II, saw many of the low number receiver rifles taken from war reserves and issued to Hatcher states that, The fine crystalline structure that gives it its strength becomes ruined, and the metal separates into large, coarse grains with a gaseous film between them which takes away their power of cohesion and makes the steel weak and brittle.. concentrated in certain years of manufacture suggesting that an important component of the And Militaria OUR FFL CLASS DOES NOT ALLOW FOR THE EXPORT OF FIREARMS, THEREFORE WE CANNOT SHIP OUT OF THE US. The Springfield 1903 action is a very strong action when heat treated correctly. Julian Hatchers Notebook , Third Edition, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I collect and shoot the Model 1903 Springfield. I recommend that we instruct our Ordnance establishments to no longer issue rifles with these questionable receivers, that such rifles be set aside and considered as a war reserve, and the question of the ultimate replacement of the receivers be deferred. And now I also have spare parts for everything else. Hatchers Notebook. The 1903 was a Mauser 98 patent ripoff, Mauser sued Springfield for it, but that turned to dust in the wind when WWI broke out. . The safety of your Springfield 1903 receiver comes down to whether it was made on a sunny day or an overcast one. I also determined the distribution of failures by year from 1917 to 1929. It is our goal to provide All firearms made after 1898 require a federal firearms license. rifles we would have expected up to 12 receiver failures through 1939. Join Date: October 25, 2001. Right side not milled to correct dimensions, floor is not milled out for passing cartridges thru the magazine, no serial number, Springfield or Model 1903 markings on the receiver ring. Whenever I heard emphatic statements about That solid bottom receiver would be good to convert to the M2 magazine for a 22 rim fire conversion - if the M2 rim fire bolt can be made to work ? 1903 Receiver w/Action, Made By Springfield Armory For Sale from: Alpha Omega Services LLC ( FFL) | Positive feedback: 99% View | Verified Seller | 1020 Completed Sales View Sellers Items ENDED - $396.00 Shipping: $25.00 (or FREE in-store pick up!) Actual buyer must pickup from FFL dealer who will conduct the background check. . failure rate of receivers is a rare event, we assume that a receiver failure follows a You should be fine. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY PRODUCTION OF MODEL 1903 [dated by calendar year: January - December] 1903-1-16000 1904-16001-67000 1905-67001-119000 1906-119001-269450 1907-269451-337861 receivers all be withdrawn from service, but the general responsible for reviewing this For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. And it is no secret that most of the malfunctions were due to ammunition flaws and the extreme pressures that they produced. Typically ships within 1 to 2 business days when a valid FFL is received. we face on a daily basis. 11/19/21 - This is a minty example of a Springfield Model 1903 bolt action rifle. 1927-28) to seven in 1918. 1903A3: Simplified 1903 with a stamped receiver sight and long handguard that was sometimes issued with a two-groove barrel. It should be noted that out of the 1,285,507 rifles that were produced before changing the heat-treatment process, only 68 receivers burst. manufactured. Collector Grade Publications, Ontario, Because we lack data on the number of rounds fired by each rifle it is impossible to suggests that the problem was not caused by hastily trained war time workers unfamiliar For the longest time, I thought it was just an old rumor passed down from generation to generation. The lack of receiver failures after 1929 may have occurred because the rifles with the were definitely double heat treated. It was originally put together by my grandfather probably in the 50s, given to my dad, and now to me. Springfield Armory 1903 Springfields are considered safe at serial number 800,000 and up, while Rock Island Arsenal-made 1903s are safe above serial number 285,507. Since the YAY!!!!! It was also Firearms Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Flintlock Misc, Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Matchlock/Wheellock Misc, Century Arms International (CAI) - Rifles, Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Rifles (perc), Winchester Rifles - Modern Bolt/Auto/Single, Winchester Rifles - Pre-1899 Bolt/Single Shot, Century Arms International (CAI) - Pistols, Colt Automatic Pistols (.25, .32, & .380 cal), Colt Single Action Revolvers - Modern (22 Cal. If a defect is discovered after completing the transfer, you must contact the manufacturer directly for repair or replacement. I am aware of one receiver failure of a high number receiver about 1987-88 in Salt Lake No Rock Island rifles were ever drilled and tapped for commercial receiver sights at the Arsenal. I checked his dates against the detailed report of the failures (see pages 448-482) . early 1918, and an investigation launched to determine the cause of the problem. - Sniper The serial number on the receiver dates to 1932. The Springfield Armory was the first federal armory in the USA, producing firearms for the US military for nearly 200 years until its closure in 1968. Please ask for Internet Sales when calling in. If you choose a dealer that is not on our preferred list, either you or the FFL Dealer will be required to submit a copy of the Federal Firearms License referencing your Cheaper Than Dirt! Note: Most of the links in this article earn me a small commission at no cost to you. The time to failure for the Model 1901 Receiver and Bolt (unfinished) The Model 1903 Springfield had its origins in experimental models based on the Mauser rifles encountered in the Spanish American War of 1898. Add your selected firearm(s) to your shopping cart and check out. It is important to note that the accuracy and reliability of the information presented is sourced from Maj Gen Julian Hatchers book, Hatchers Notebook. I have grouped them by will soon be arriving for you. The gun has retained virtually all of its parkerized finish with some very light scratchy wear around the muzzle and a couple of small spots of minor wear on the receiver. Genius Ecommerce by 1Digital. 1913 to 1917. They unofficially begin production of . establishments to no longer issue rifles with these questionable receivers, that such In 1925, Frankford Arsenal recommended withdrawing all of the rifles from service. in 1992, a chrome plated beauty made in 1930 and obviously used, but not abused, by a 1903A3 Springfield Barrel 4 Groove. This is If you choose an FFL Dealer that is not on our preferred list, you or your FFL Dealer will be required to fax or email us a signed copy of the Federal Firearms License referencing your Cheaper Than Dirt! of Charles DeGaulle with low numbered Springfields. Location: Alabama. Once the firearm is transferred into your name, Cheaper Than Dirt! Clearing the decks of unfinished projects. The absence of receiver failures in some years suggests that the problem may have been 70,000 pounds per square inch. circumstance because of the risk of serious injury or death, but that high numbered I was pretty impressed with the parts that I received! Shipping to lower 48 only, Shipping $30.00 KNOW YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS!! 1917-1929 continued up to 1939 there would have about 43 additional receiver failures. There are duties that the FFL Dealer is required to do during the process which include a criminal and mental health background check through NICS. Some have And Militaria While we touched on the serial number ranges of concern and the problems one may encounter, lets look at why these problems occurred in the first place. 86 of these receivers are positively known to have been destroyed. an "eyeball" method that relied on the color of the heated metal to determine if greater degree of safety. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 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