Kyle was impressed as Jon was the only person to offer in the hour he had been stranded and invited Jon to volunteer with the fire department over the weekends, which he eagerly agreed to. After a memorial for Jor-El's A.I., he and his family saw Natalie Lane Irons crash land at the Kent Farm. Jonathan discovers his girlfriend, Candice, is selling a crystal substance and asks her for some. Jonathan listened to Candices story and empathized with her plight. Jon tried to defend Candice, but Mickey used X-Kryptonite to give himself superhuman strength and speed and he was overpowered. Here's When It Returns With New Episodes, Drew Barrymore Halts Segment After "Severely Old" Mac and Cheese Noodle Flies off Her Desk: "It's Rock Hard", Drew Barrymore Opens Up to Madison Beer About Attempting Suicide Twice: "I Was So Desperate". Jon invited his girlfriend Eliza to visit Smallville for the Harvest Festival, and although she initially agreed to come, she dumped him the day before she was supposed to arrive. It happens. Later, Jon searched the van for weapons, hoping to protect himself too, and accidentally activated the security system, which failed to recognize him and locked the van to kill him. That night, Jordan told Jon that Timmy had been pulled from the team because he had been caught taking X-K.[21]. Jordan ran away distraught and Jonathan chased after him, warning their father to stay away from them. Jon ranted at them that their problems meant nothing and the world was about to end, until Jordan and Natalie pulled him away. Enter Candice Pergande, Jonathan's girlfriend, who, despite facing insurmountable challenges, remains resilient in her quest for a better life. A month later, Jon began volunteering with the fire department. Three weeks after Tal-Rho escaped from containment, Lois asked Jon to go with Jordan while he spent some time with Sarah but he refused as he didn't wanted to act as his chaperone. He and John Henry Irons went to the Fortress to find a way to speed up his recovery, and while they were gone the worlds began to merge and the inverse world's sun appeared in the sky. So guys i've been watching superman and lois lately and I have one question.What happened to Jonathan and Tegan's relationship.I searched online and it said during the three months time skip they broke up.And thats all i could find. The relationship between Candice and Jonathan is complicated at best. After Superman successfully depowered the Subjekts, including Kyle, Lois and the twins took the Cushings home. Sunny Hostin Opens Up About Receiving Hurtful Emails on The View: Im Not Liked By Half The Country, Sunny Hostin Shades Meghan McCain for Scathing Column About 'The View': "Our Show Is a Wonderful Place", Sunny Hostin Rips Nikki Haley on 'The View' for Suggesting Biden Could Die During Second Term: "Crass", Joy Behar Tears Into Republican Lawmakers' "Transphobia" on 'The View': "It's Not Even Undercover Anymore". While their parents were in town, Jordan and Jonathan investigated the barn and found a secret underground chamber where their fathers space pod was stored. For he acted more sarcastic, brutal, and brash towards his brother. Jon tried to defend Candice, but Mickey used X-Kryptonite to give himself superhuman strength and speed and he was overpowered. Jon asked to help Lois search the van and there they found out that in Iron's world, he and Lois were married and had a daughter named Natalie. They told Jon that he had to reveal his dealer and promised to grant whoever it was immunity and protect them from the traffickers. 'Firefly Lane' Ending Explained: Does Kate Malarkey Die? Jonathan then got angry because his brother suddenly decided to succeed in something that was always outside of him, and asked why he was playing and that he always hated sports. Then they went to the Cushing family barbecue, where they met Sarah and Sophie Cushing. Actor He would also join his father and grandfather for fishing trips which Jordan did not want to go on. ", Personality Crisis: One Night Only Finds Punk Pioneer David Johansen Recounting His Many Lives, Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Legacy of J Dilla' on FX/Hulu, Exploring The Life, Beats, And Career Of The Late Hip-Hop Hero, Stream It Or Skip It: Little Richard: I Am Everything on VOD, A Biodoc As Vibrant As Its Subject, Stream It Or Skip It: Dear Mama on FX, A Powerfully-Told Docuseries About The Life and Legacy of Tupac Shakur, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Peter Pan and Wendy' on Disney+, Director David Lowery's Lightly Visionary Disney Rehash, Where Was Peter Pan and Wendy Filmed? [1] She kept talking to Jon on his cell phone after he moved to Smallville; with his family. She admitted to selling drugs as her family needed the money, and Jon asked her to sell him the same steroids she was giving Timmy. Jon then gave them privacy to talk. Following the footsteps of her Emmitt, at one point, Candice was involved in criminal activities herself to earn money the only way she knew how. Although Jonathan tried to play it off he was hurt by this. Though their relationship is far from perfect and occasionally fraught with abuse, Candice remains fiercely loyal to her pops and does everything in her power to keep their ragtag family afloat. When he drove Candice home one night, her father took a keen interest in his expensive truck, a parting gift from Tal-Rho. In the Superman & Lois TV show, she is the girlfriend of Jonathan Kent, Clark and Lois son, and the two of them sometimes have a difficult relationship with Jonathan at one point, even getting into trouble because of Candice. He even asked for a small amount of X-Kryptonite, despite knowing the potential dangers associated with it, especially given his unique hybrid Kryptonian physiology. Lois came home and told Clark that Jon-El may have captured Lana and Clark let it slip that he had seen Jon-El in Smallville the previous night but had not tried to capture him because Lana would have seen him use his powers. But more on that later. She had intended to use it herself to help her dad, but offered it to Jonathan to protect himself from Jon-El. Jordan and Sarah had gotten in a fight with the host and the Smallville kids had to run from the house, although Jordan did freeze the guy's treasured SUV with his super-breath before they left. Eliza tried to resume her relationship with Jon, but he didn't want to since he was dating Candice. Jonathan apologized for causing any offense, but he knew deep down that his instincts were right. Jon took his test on his sixteenth birthday and was able to pass despite getting Coach Gaines as his examiner. Who knows what he is planning next, but at the moment, Candice is staying with Kents before she figures something out. Timmy Ryan, a previously substandard player, miraculously surpassed Jon over the summer and became the team's presumptive starting quarterback. [17] Jonathan started taking on the X-Kryptonite, Candice gave him, gaining enhanced vision and reactions. 752, This story has been shared 694 times. Zeta-Rho realised what Lois was doing and woke up. The next day Lois went to City Hall to talk to Lana, but she was not there and Sarah claimed she had seen Jon outside her house that morning. His father has said that things seem to come easy to Jonathan, seen with how popular he is in conjunction with an athletic prowess that has given him a shot at being the quarterback of the football team as a freshman. He crashed the truck through the wall of the warehouse and into the attacker, then used his sledgehammer to destroy the red sunlight lamps draining Clark and Jordan's powers. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Superman Family members" category. Believing she deserved to know the truth, they told her that Kyle was possessed by a Kryptonian and took her to see him at an army facility where he was being held by the DOD. Lois and Clark decided to no longer keep secrets from them and promised to answer any questions they had, including any that involved classified information.[7]. Clark went to rescue her but Jon-El hit him with a Kryptonite bomb and returned to the Kent Farm to merge with Jonathan. Candice has been Jonathan's girlfriend in Superman & Lois since season 2. Their parents kept Jordan out of school until he could control his powers and Jon went to Smallville High alone, the first time the twins had been separated. Their parents assured them that there was still a chance to beat Ally and told them to stick together, and asked Jordan to use his super-hearing to look out for threats. And well, all hell breaks. Lois and Clark made Jon work at a local convenience store while also taking classes online. Tracking the truck to a warehouse, they helped Jon recover the truck by taking down all the goons while him drove away from the warehouse. Enter Candice Pergande, Jonathans girlfriend, who, despite facing insurmountable challenges, remains resilient in her quest for a better life. Then his father suddenly showed up at school, making the bullies go away and making the twins angry. Check out an exclusive clip from tonight's new Superman and Lois as Jonathan struggles with revealing his girlfriend is dealing drugs. When they return home, Lois goes to console him. Jonathan threw himself on top of Jordan, seemingly shielding him, and both boys walked away with only minor injuries. At the Festival, Jonathan met up with two older boys and got drunk on liquor they had brought with them. Despite minimal driving experience, Jonathan drove their fathers' truck to the warehouse where the fight was taking place, guided by Jordan's hearing. Affiliation Sarah realised that Sophie had gone to the fairground, as she had asked when the county fair was coming to town. Jonathan was more sociable and popular than Jordan, who suffered from an anxiety disorder. Jordan burst in, locked in a fight with Lana-Rho and managed to temporarily get the upper hand over them both, but he was simply outnumbered and the two inverses began beating him down. While Jon didn't want to get Candice into trouble by reporting the incident, Jordan and Natalie agreed to help him take matters into their own hands. As he did not have powers, the visions were even worse for him than they had been for Clark. They tearfully reconciled.[8]. Jon later told his parents that he wanted to move back to Metropolis, as a friend of his had agreed to let him stay with them. Jon decided to spend the day with Candice, but when he went to pick her up from her trailer park he encountered her father Emmitt. Fortunately the Irons' arrived and chased her off. Universe Now that weve given you the basics of Candices character, its time to analyze it in a bit more detail. Clark then asked why the twins waited so long to call him when they learned the truth about Tag and he and Jordan revealed Sam's order to disturb their father with their problems, to the joint fury of their parents. Back at home, Jonathan admitted to Jordan that he was jealous of him and assured him that he was not responsible for Tag's condition. Later, he and Jordan go to school, where Jon receives a call from his girlfriend Eliza. Jon did not want to call the police on him and have him arrested, so they tracked the truck to a chop shop and stole it back, although they could not find the watch. The next day Clark told the twins that Lana had asked them to stay away from the Cushing family after learning his secret. Main. Jonathan and Sophie : Jonathan has started his training at the Firestation and he isn't having a great time. Their parents assured them that there was still a chance to beat Ally and told them to stick together, and asked Jordan to use his super-hearing to look out for threats. The building was easily connected to Emmitt, and back at home, Candice found Lois watch in the truck when the truck was stolen. 636, This story has been shared 401 times. . As Clark had stopped to listen to Jonathans concerns, Killgrave got away, and the boys grandfather General Sam Lane privately told them not to distract their father from his duties as Superman. Jon completed the work by himself and when Clark and Jordan returned he was visibly hurt at being left out, but before Clark could talk to him he was called away to save Sam from Ally. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious. The next day, Sarah told Jon and Jordan how she believed her father's alcoholism had gotten worse. Jordan Elsass, who portrays the powerless Kent boy, shares his thoughts on whether or not Jonathan should get superpowers in a future storyline. and our Its only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, theres no telling how Candice will react. Is 'Are You There God? When Clark gets there, he hugs him and says that Jordan powers are manifesting. Then they go to their rooms. Meanwhile, Candice is staying with the Kents as she tries to figure out her next steps. Jon and Jordan were both angry that Clark had chosen to protect his secret rather than warn Lana or take the opportunity to stop Jon-El before he had the chance to hurt anyone. Recently, Jonathan cheated on Candice with his ex-girlfriend, and he hasn't told her yet. Jonathan was quickly humiliated when Jordan was able to match his greatest efforts without even trying, and he left to take X-Kryptonite, which gave him strength and durability similar to Jordan's, and he returned to challenge Jordan to a "sparring match" that quickly degenerated into a fight. Jordan told Lois that he was planning to reveal his secret to Sarah, and she acknowledged that the family seemed to be constantly at odds with each other. Candice currently lives with the Kent family After the theft of Jonathan's truck was resolved, Jonathan decided not to go to the police since he knew that this would land Candice in a whole lot of trouble. Clark flew Jordan to the Fortress to treat him, and Jon comforted Lois who believed she had failed in her responsibility to protect them. He said he wouldn't do it if they thought he shouldn't and the entire family agreed immediately and unanimously that he should.[24]. Cookie Notice Jonathan Kent II (Arrowverse: Superman & Lois), Quotations by or about Jonathan Kent II (Arrowverse: Superman & Lois), Appearances of Jonathan Kent II (Arrowverse: Superman & Lois), Images featuring Jonathan Kent II (Arrowverse: Superman & Lois), Character Gallery: Jonathan Kent II (Arrowverse: Superman & Lois), A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series. Jonathan Kent has experienced a lot of emotions on Superman and Lois but where will that take him throughout the rest of the season? Later that day the Kents went to a town hall meeting Lana was holding to reveal the threat of the inverse world. Jordan burst in, locked in a fight with Lana-Rho and managed to temporarily get the upper hand over them both, but he was simply outnumbered and the two inverses began beating him down. Timmy Ryan, a previously mediocre player, miraculously surpassed Jon over the summer and became the Crows's presumptive starting quarterback. And in a certain sense, Jonathan did the right thing in the last episode by giving up X-K, and then the wrong thing by trying to hide his girlfriend Candices (Samantha Di Francesco) stash. His parents also decided to keep Jordan out of school until he could control his powers, so Jonathan went to the new school alone, while Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude, leaving Jonathan a little jealous. Later that night Jonathan had a vision of Jon-El on main street in Smallville. Family Jonathan accepts her explanation and even asks her for a small amount of X-K, despite knowing the risks associated with the drug, even more so knowing that it might affect him differently due to his hybrid Kryptonian physiology. [7], At school, Jon advised Jordan to help Sarah with the musical revue. Her father, Emmitt, harbors deep animosity towards Jonathan and often resorts to veiled threats against him. To take their minds off it, Clark planned a day of farm work for the three of them. The three went into the barn where Jordan fell from a hayloft and a stack of heavy metal poles fell on him. Although the mission was a failure, they had fun together and got Jonathan out of his mood. However, the sheriff's department swept the school looking for drugs and Jon took Candice's stash to protect her, planning to dispose of it. At the Kent Farm, Jonathan asks what will happen to Jordan and Clark says he doesn't know. In this article, well delve deeper into Candices character and uncover the truth behind the burning question: Who is Candice Pergande in Superman & Lois? Upon returning home with a bruised eye, Jon told his mother about what happened, leading her to go talk to Emmitt, who pulled a gun on her. [27] Clark eventually regained consciousness and returned home, but he was severely weakened and his powers were not recharged by the sun. Jimmy Cutter, who turned out to be Eliza's new boyfriend, and a few other Metropolis players approached them and began harassing Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a fight. They argued and Jon almost blasted Jordan with his heat vision. He also chose to leave his life in Metropolis behind as he realized that coming to Smallville would help his brother adjust to the new changes he seemed to be going through. Before Irons left, Jonathan met with him and told him that he knew what had happened to Irons on his own world due to searching his RV, and told him that his father was not like the alternate Superman, asking him to find a way to save him rather than kill him. When Jon arrived home, he found Emily Phan and Jasper Townes, who were sent by Morgan Edge to kill Lois. The worlds began to merge, flickering between the farmhouse and its bizzare dilapidated home from the inverse world. Before Edge could kill them, Superman arrived and agreed to join him in exchange for their lives. Jonathan has started to take the wrong path by taking X-Kryptonite. [11], Jordan and Jonathan were both worried about their father, although Lois assured them he had been through worse. When Jon saw Timmy bench pressing 315 pounds, he suspected that he had begun using steroids. Alive Candices influence on Jonathan has landed them both in hot water on occasion. He told her everything about his truck being stolen and how Emmitt had hit him. 362, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Does 'Yellowstone' Return Tonight? If she didnt come up with the cash, she and her father would have to uproot their lives once again, something she couldnt bear, especially now that she had found someone like Jonathan who cared for her and valued her. He takes Jordan's cell phone and mocks the message the other one sent to Sarah, calling him freaky. He asks after privacy for them to talk alone.[3]. The next morning, Jonathan and Jordan investigate the barn; Jordan finds it strange that they are not dead. When Emily and Jasper entered the barn, Jon threw them away with the gun, but Kyle, who had also been altered by X-Kryptonite, blew up the gun and grabbed them both, threatening to kill Jon before Lois' eyes, but Superman arrived in time to save them.[9]. Although Jonathan tried to talk him down, Jordan swung at Cutters head with his full strength, which would have seriously injured or possibly killed him if it connected. Recently, Jonathan cheated on Candice with his ex-girlfriend, and he hasnt told her yet. Filming Locations for the Disney+ Movie, Alexander Molony Is the Perfect Blend of Charming and Naive in Disney+s Peter Pan & Wendy, What Time Will 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Be on Disney+? Jonathan seems to be more problematic between the two of them, which is why his love life will be the topic of this article, specifically, his girlfriend, Candice Pergande. [21] The Smallville Crows were forced to vacate all their wins so far and the principal decided to withdraw from competition for the rest of the season, the first time that had happened in Smallville history. [25] Clark eventually regained consciousness and returned home, but he was severely weakened and his powers were not recharged by the sun. Jonathan, who has been dealing with issues of insecurity with his brothers natural superpowers, as well as being shoved aside on the football team. Jonathan then convinced Clark to let Jordan play for the team, telling him how his confidence and social skills had improved while playing on the team.[1]. [2] Eliza was supposed to meet with Jonathan during the Smallville Harvest Festival. Emmitt didnt take kindly to Jonathan repossessing his truck, and one time when Jonathan came to their house to hang out with Candice, he punched him in the face. He noticed another player text Jordan, who had never previously had any friends, and realised that playing on the team was what was best for him. The brothers told their parents that Sam had told them not to bother Clark with their problems, to Lois and Clarks fury.[4]. Enraged by what had happened, Clark ordered Emmitt to stay away from his family, intimidating the man with his super-strength and threatening to come after him if he caused any more harm. He inadvertently caused a cave-in but saved the others with his super-speed, leaving behind the X-K they had already gathered. Hearing his sons cry for help, Superman overpowered Killgrave and flew to Smallville, carrying Tag into the upper atmosphere where he passed out. Tommy Clarke. There, he broke a rope by throwing a football, surprising his parents. A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. While playing some beer pong, Jordan and Sarah got into a fight withTravis Michaels, which prompted them to leave. Afterwards, their teammates asked them to go out and celebrate, which Jonathan reluctantly agreed. When Sarah came to the fire station at the end of the day, she reminded him of an important geometry test he had forgotten to study for. She confided in him that her father, who suffers from a heart condition, needed financial support, and she was the only one who could provide it. Jordan became seriously sick after being infected by a synthetic Kryptonite gas developed by the military scientists under General Lanes supervision. Natalie managed to reestablish contact with John Henry and left to go into the void and save him. 'Citadel' Episode Guide: When Do New Episodes Premiere on Prime Video? Jonathan says he missed training for the week and Jordan asks him if he really cares about it now. Later that night Jonathan had a vision of Jon-El on main street in Smallville. He also talked to Eliza in a video call. That evening at Smallville High's Valentine's dance, Candice told Jon that her aunt in Topeka had offered to let her stay with her. He and Eliza ended up breaking up due to their long-distance relationship and Jon struggled to adjust to his new life, but ended up adapting with the help of his family. Interestingly, X-Kryptonite can grant ordinary humans Kryptonian abilities, but only for a temporary period. Kyle rewarded Jon with his own firefighter's uniform, but this achievement was quickly overshadowed when Clark and Jordan returned home and told him how Jordan had saved Clark from a supervillain and a band of mercenaries armed with Kryptonite guns.[35]. Jonathan was able to convince Clark to let Jordan play on the team by telling him how his confidence and social skills had improved while playing.[3]. Fortunately Clark chased Jon-El through the portal and arrived in time to break them apart before the fusion could be completed. After the attacker was defeated and the family was safely at home Jordan apologised to Jonathan for spying on him and for the two made up, excited by Jonathan's heroics. When Jordan came in, Jonathan questioned him about his outfit, with Jordan answering him sarcastically. Jonathan sees Jordan and Clark go to Fortress. Jonathan is happy that he does not have powers; it proves that his athleticism is human, not half-alien. Sarah's younger sister Sophie wandered off without them noticing, and they only realised she was gone when Lana came to the apartment an hour later.

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